28 Feb 2019

Minelab is Off to the Races!


Minelab is lending its logo to Opteon Motorsports and driver Johnathan Bloxsom from Queensland in the upcoming Aussie Racing Cars Round 1 SuperLoop Adelaide 500 February 28-March 3, 2019. Bloxsom will drive one of 29 cars in the race. This year marks the Aussie Racing Cars 20-year anniversary. 

Aussie Racing Cars are purpose-built tube frame chassis powered with a Yamaha 1300cc motorbike engine. Drivers sit in the middle of these small cars for the 20- to 25-minute race. The SuperLoop Adelaide 500 is the first of seven race weekends with 4 races per weekend.

Very little can be done to modify the cars other than selecting partner logos. While this levels the playing field and leave the race up to the drivers, the team at Minelab is hoping their success in the detecting field translate to a winning race for Bloxom.

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