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Magnificent Viking Treasure Hoard Unearthed In Scotland

13 Oct 2014

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One of the largest and most important discoveries of Viking treasure in Scotland was unearthed in September 2014 by 47 year old retired businessman Derek McLennan.

More than 100 objects, including solid gold jewellery, arm bands and silver ingots, were discovered by Derek on church land in Dumfries and Galloway.

Florida Treasure Hunter Discovers Hand Grenade With Minelab’s CTX 3030 On St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

07 Oct 2014

St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. Oct. 7, 2014 – Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs, today announced that Florida treasure hunter, Cliff Vogan, uncovered a hand grenade on the sandy bottom of St. Petersburg Beach. The discovery took place in waist deep water, just behind Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center. The alarming find was discovered using Minelab’s CTX 3030 Metal Detector. 

Golden wedding! Groom spends 18 months panning for Scottish gold and has wedding bands made in a labour of love

01 Oct 2014

A groom in Scotland spent hours over months panning for tiny specks of gold. Using a simple gold pan, trowel, shovel and rake to collect nuggets he collected over 100g of the rare Scottish gold, which is 22 carat purity. He used this to make a unique engagement ring cast for his fiancée and even mined further gold to create their matching unique wedding rings.

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Reunited…after 700 years!

26 Sep 2014

The story really starts in 1066.  William the Conqueror has defeated Harold at the battle of Hastings and immediately orders a full inventory to be taken of his new Kingdom, The Doomsday book was the record created from this stock taking exercise. Once the new King knew what lands he had he proceeded to share some of it amongst his most favoured Lords.  

The Bury was the Manor House at High Easter in the county of Essex.  William awarded this Manor, complete with the Manor House to Geoffrey De Mandeville as reward for the help Geoffrey gave William in winning his Kingdom.  The Bury passed down the De Mandeville line until Geoffrey’s great, great, great Granddaughter gave it to Henry De Bohun when they married in 1227.  The Bury stayed in the De Bohun family until 1403.

“Eureka!” - Australian Husband & Wife Prospectors Discover 700 Gold Nugget Pieces In ‘Them Thar’ Hills With Minelab’s SDC 2300 Gold Detector

23 Sep 2014

Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs, today announced that a husband and wife (preferring to remain anonymous) from Victoria, Australia discovered 700 gold nugget pieces weighing a total of 73 grams while on a 5-week prospecting holiday in the remote hills of Central Western Australia. The fortunate duo discovered the gold in previously prospected land while using the latest product from Minelab, the SDC 2300 All-Terrain Gold Detector.

£1m 'perfect' US threepenny bit from the time of the Pilgrim Fathers found with Minelab Detector

08 Sep 2014

Minelab Detectorist John Stoner dug up the extremely rare New England coin in a field outside the village of King's Clipstone in Nottinghamshire. The extremely rare New England coin, bearing the date 1652, is expected to sell for up to £1million when it is auctioned.

It has been hailed as one of the finest examples of a currency produced in the days of the Pilgrim Fathers in a land that would become the United States

Early Chinese Coin Discovered on Remote Northern Territory Beach

11 Aug 2014

 The inaugural ‘Past Muster’ held at Elcho Island, in the far north of Australia, has made a unique archaeological discovery says Mike Owen, co-founder of the history research group Past Masters. Working hand in hand with Yolngu (Aboriginal) Rangers from the Marthakal Resource Centre and ‘Learning on Country’ students, scientists from the Past Masters identified a Chinese coin minted in Beijing as early as 1736.

Minelab Releases SDC 2300 Gold Detector

09 Jul 2014

Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs, today announced the official release of its latest product, the SDC 2300 All-Terrain Gold Detector. The collapsible military-grade compact detector comes assembly free and is waterproof and fully submersible up to a depth of ten feet (3m).

The rugged detector enables detectorists to clearly identify even the smallest patches of sub-gram gold. During product testing, field testers have discovered nuggets weighing less than 0.02 grams.

Minelab Summer Promotions

03 Jul 2014


Minelab have launched 2 great summer promotions on both our X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack and Excalibur II Detectors.  

Minelab - A Company Overview

16 Apr 2014


Treasure hunting is an active living practice that has eclipsed its literary reputation. Watch our new video for additional insight into this exciting lifestyle and hobby!



Staffordshire Hoard to be studied for the first time by experts at the Birmingham Museum and Gallery

14 Mar 2014


The Staffordshire hoard which is the largest Anglo-Saxon hoard ever to be found in the UK has been brought together for experts to study at Birmingham Museum and Gallery. Experts have discovered more than 600 new links, joins and associations between the parts and the discovery has shed new light on the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf as the description of a warrior’s adornment in gold is now thought to be more realistic than experts previously believed. They believe the precious artefacts, which range from fragments of helmet to gold sword decorations engraved with animals and encrusted with jewels, are a ‘true archaeological mirror’ to the great Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf.

The hoard was discovered in 2009 by Minelab Detectorist Terry Herbert and is considered one of the most important ever found.

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A week with Minelab Metal Detectors

12 Mar 2014

Here are some exciting new articles from Lovecpokladu in the Czech Republic about detecting with Minelab Detectors. They articles cover everything from the history of Minelab, our detectors and some of our newer products such as our PRO-FIND 25. We hope you enjoy them. 

Článek je určen všem, kteří se chtějí dozvědět ještě vice o detektorech kovů Minelab.



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