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Minelab Lifestyle Collection 2014/15

10 Dec 2013

Minelab is pleased to introduce our New “Minelab Lifestyle Collection”   

You may expand your Minelab collection by purchasing one-of-a-kind Minelab merchandise and apparel from authorized Minelab dealers.



Minelab’s SDC 2300 is Coming Soon!

09 Dec 2013

This exciting new product is a portable, compact, waterproof gold detector featuring Minelab’s improved MPF technology. Second only to the Minelab GPX Series in performance, the SDC 2300 will be the best mid-range gold detector available.

When a find is recorded, it is truly discovered’: metal-detecting and its contribution to archaeology

05 Dec 2013

As the second series of Britain’s Secret Treasures was recently broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom, Michael Lewis, Deputy Head of Portable Antiquities and Treasure, British Museum, released a great article in regards to metal detecting and its contribution to archaeology.  

To read this piece please click on the link here - http://bit.ly/1aCG887

We hope you enjoy the article as much as we did.

The wet season is ending! It's time to find Gold!

27 Nov 2013

The time to search for Gold is now! The wet season is ending bringing with it new opportunities to find those valuable nuggets. From 1 tiny gram up to kilograms……..small gold, big gold and everything in between, Minelab’s gold detectors are revolutionising how nugget Gold is being found in Africa every day. 

Minelab’s range of hand held gold detectors are easy to use and are the World’s Best detectors at finding gold! The Minelab GPX SeriesEureka Gold and X-TERRA 705 Gold are rapidly changing how African communities search for and FIND Gold offering easy to use technology to find those valuable Gold nuggets with accuracy in the toughest ground conditions. 


Check out the new Minelab CTX 3030 video.

22 Nov 2013


Curious to learn about all aspects of the CTX 3030? 

Then why not check out our New CTX 3030 DVD with Gordon Heritage and Pat Watson on the Minelab YouTube channel. Learn all about the fantastic features that the CTX 3030 offers from Traget Trace to XChange2, GPS Functionality and much, much more. 

To view Minelab's new CTX 3030 DVD series featured on our YouTube channel please click the link provided: http://bit.ly/1avZWcQ. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Minelab Christmas Promotion 2013

15 Nov 2013

It is that time of year again when we look ahead to the Christmas Season. So, we are delighted to announce our Fantastic Minelab Christmas Promotion 2013  There are some great offers across our range of detectors that are not to be missed. 

Remember, these offers are only valid to 31stJanuary 2014 and will be supplied against any new detector bought within that time period.

For further information on our fantastic Christmas Promotion offers please contact Minelab on minelab@minelab.ie or go to the where to buy section on our website to find your nearest Authorised Minelab dealer.


Metal Detectorists and Archeologists pair up at James Madison’s Montpelier Estate

14 Nov 2013


Metal detector experts and Archeologists are working together for the Montpelier Archaeology Certificate Program hosted at James Madison's Montpelier Estate in Orange, VA.

Participants receive training in both classroom style sessions and on the grounds of the Estate to learn how to conserve and catalogue finds as well as utilize metal detectors for plotting and surveying finds. Following the week-long session, participants will receive an Archeology Certificate.



Dreams come true via a GPX 5000

13 Nov 2013

Metal detector finds - gold

We were in Matabeleland region in the early hours of the day determined to search for the gold nuggets. Our first 15 steps as we followed the GPX 5000 with an 18 inch dish were drawn into attention by a heavy noise of a target signal, whose depth was less than a meter.

We dug the target area and came across a solid 850g nugget. Wow we first shocked and puzzled because in our entire detecting job we had never seen such. The thought that came into the mind was to knock off from the hunt and celebrate the victory!!!

Thanks Minelab for the great machinery. You are the best.

Matterazie - Bulawayo Province, Zimbabwe

Click here for more information on our GPX 5000

Click here for 'Where to Buy' Minelab Gold Detectors worldwide.

The Benefits of Recording finds made by Metal Detectorists in Europe

23 Oct 2013


Over the centuries, historical items, such as coins and artefacts have been discovered in the ground. As far back as Edward the Confessor finders were rewarded for items of Treasure Trove, although in ancient times this was intended to bolster the coffers of the then ruling monarch and there was not much concern for their historical importance. However we now live in a more enlightened age where the importance of such finds is recognised for their cultural importance to the nation.

Most farmland both in the UK and the rest of Europe, contains some level of archaeological material and it is recognised that a large proportion of this  would be vulnerable to degradation or destruction by modern invasive agriculture practices or succumb to other factors such as development pressures, if it were not recovered

Success in the goldfields of Zimbabwe

18 Oct 2013

850gram nugget 2.jpg

Minelab gold detectors are responsible for major gold finds across the globe, including just recently a 5.5kg nugget found in Australia at 60cms depth using Minelab’s GPX 5000 valued in excess of US$300,000!

Many Zimbabweans are also using the GPX Series metal detectors with enormous success. Just in recent weeks, a prospector in Zimbabwe discovered a 1118 gram nugget using Minelab’s GPX 5000 and a group of 6 prospectors discovered an 850g nugget with the GPX 5000 in the Matabeleland region and days later another lucky Minelab user pulled a 99 gram nugget from the ground in nearby Bulawayo. 

Minelab supports local scouts rally

22 Sep 2013

Scout Metal Detecting 001 (5).JPG

Out and about…with the Scouts at Mr and Mrs Sheckters place.

Metal detecting is such a rewarding pastime and it is always nice when the time and effort spent in gaining permissions is repaid in making an interesting find or two from a new field.  Our hobby can also be rewarding in many other ways and it is this belief that has always been a fundamental part of the Southern Detectorist Group’s way of doing things. 

Expert Metal Detectorists ‘Square Off’ At Revere Beach to Determine Who’s Best

26 Aug 2013

Minelab crowns champion treasure hunter, makes ‘Boston-Strong’ presentation at National Sand Sculpting Festival

Avid metal detectorists and treasure hunters often debate who is the best at their craft. 

Minelab, manufacturer of the world’s best handheld metal detectors, decided to find out by assembling four experienced and highly-skilled detectorists to see who could find the most seeded coins along the beach in Revere, Mass.

As host of “Treasure Quest” events from July 19-21 at the 10th annual National Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach, MA, Minelab invited beachgoers to try their hand at metal detecting to win free prizes and see the best detectorists vie for top honors.

Minelab Donation Helps Families Of Deceased Yarnell Firefighters

20 Aug 2013

Arizona Outback's Chris Gholson (left) presents an $11,000 check to Prescott Division Fire Chief Eric Kriwer to help the families of the deceased Yarnell firefighters.

Arizona Outback, a leading supplier of metal detection technology in the US, today announced the winner of a Minelab Metal Detector, which was a key donation that helped raise more than $11,000 in funding to benefit the families of the 19 firefighters who perished battling the recent wildfires near the small town of Yarnell, AZ.

Metal detectors used to help solve ancient coin mystery

08 Aug 2013

Bob with CTX 3030

A team of heritage professionals, led by heritage consultant Mike Owen and Ian McIntosh, a Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University in the US, has recently returned from a six day trip to investigate the story of Morry Isenberg and his discovery of Kilwa coins in World War two.

The team, known as the Past Masters ventured to Marchinbar Island in the Wessel Group off the coast of Australia's Northern Territory where Isenberg found the medieval era African coins in 1944 while taking time off from his role as a radar operator to go fishing.

New PRO-SWING 45 ergonomic harness from Minelab

02 Aug 2013


At last - a revolutionary new detecting harness that increases time and comfort in the field. Introducing the new PRO-SWING 45 from Minelab, this ergonomic harness features a unique weight distribution system (W8) that evenly redistributes the weight of the detector around the body. No more sore arms!

The harness features versatility for left or right handed users, guarantees a perfect fit through 8 adjustment points and allows you to carry your complete detecting kit with you through 8 attachment points. It also fits any Minelab detector thanks to the universal S-cuff so this is the only harness you will ever need to buy.

Minelab expose US$1.6m counterfeit metal detector operation in Dubai

05 Jul 2013

Large scale Police raid shuts down ‘factory’ fabricating counterfeit Minelab gold detection products

In a major Dubai police operation led by 1st Lieutenant Khalid Abdulla Quraiban Al-Muhairi, counterfeit Minelab product with a potential market value of AED5.9million (US$1.6m) was seized from an apartment complex operating as a makeshift ‘factory.’

The raid revealed that counterfeit parts were assembled and packed at the apartment complex before being sold in the open market as premium Minelab GPX Series gold detectors. Those arrested at the scene and in the aftermath of the raid are now awaiting prosecution by the UAE authorities.

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