26 Feb 2016

New Product - PRO-GOLD Premium Panning Kit


Minelab is pleased to announce the introduction of our PRO-GOLD Premium Panning Kit. This kit has everything a beginner needs to get started and the individual pans provide the experienced user with several gold panning advantages. The PRO-GOLD pans have multiple panning zones for maximum gold recovery and come in high contrast blue for optimum gold visibility!

The Main features of the kit are:

  • Two premium pans & classifier (everything you need)
  • Dual riffle gold capture (coarse & fine – traps all the gold)
  • High contrast blue (see the yellow gold easier than any other panning kit)
  • Compact nested design (easy to carry & transport)
  • Carry bag & accessories (magnet, magnifier, & more…)



These gold pans have been tested by ‘pros’ in USA and Australia, with great results…

“In my opinion the Minelab PRO-GOLD panning kit is vastly superior to any other gold panning kit on the market and is my recommendation for both beginners and experts.” 
- Steve Herschbach, USA


The PRO-GOLD kit will be on display at the Minelab Wedderburn Detector Jamboree 2016, being held on March 12th-13th, and available for sale from our dealers from mid-year. The two pans and classifier will also be sold separately.

Part numbers for the kit and individual pans:

PRO-GOLD Panning Kit & Accessories Part. No. 3011-0325
15-inch Pan Part. No. 3011-0326
10-inch Pan Part. No. 3011-0327
Classifier Part. No. 3011-0328


More details are available on the PRO-GOLD Accessory webpage here.
Download the PRO-GOLD product brochure here.
Download the PRO-GOLD Getting Started Guide here.
Please contact your local Minelab dealer for full details of pricing and availability.

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