Product Notices for 2015

12 Oct 2015

GPZ 7000 Software Update

Better Ground Balancing = Finding More Gold!

Minelab is pleased to announce the first software update to our GPZ 7000 detector. 

This free update incorporates a new Auto Ground Tracking Algorithm resulting in improved Auto Ground Balance functionality.

This GPZ software update improves the detector’s ability to track to the ground, such that more of the audio you hear is from gold nuggets. Resulting in - 

  • More stable threshold
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Less false ground signal interference
  • Precision ground tracking
  • More gold found

This update also maximises achievable detection depth in any given soil type by delivering improved tracking of the yellow ferrite when ground balancing. Updates can be done easily via Minelab’s XChange 2, or manually via a file transfer method when XChange 2 is not available (e.g. if using a Mac).There is no need to return your detector to a Minelab dealer.

For further details refer to the brochure here

You can access the software update directly, here

(New GPZ 7000 detectors, manufactured from October 2015 onwards, will have this new update already installed.)