Product Notices for 2017

03 Jul 2017

GPZ 7000 Software Update 2

Get increased performance from your GPZ detector!

Minelab is pleased to announce the second software update to our GPZ 7000 detector. This FREE update incorporates a new Ground Smoothing function, a Semi-Auto ground balance setting and Chinese/Mongolian language options.

Ground Smoothing

Detect PlusThis function implements selectable noise filters that help deal with difficult ground, especially conductive soils. The new Ground Smoothing options provide several advantages:

  • Reduces noise effects of salty soils
  • Allows detecting in previously ‘off-limits’ locations
  • Achieves maximum depth with both coils
  • Maximises your ground coverage efficiency

“With the Locate Patch setting, it is now possible to use Normal Ground Type in very ‘hot’ laterite soil… this is exciting!”
Field Tester 1 – Kalgoorlie, WA


Semi AutoThis update adds a Semi-Auto option to the Ground Balance Mode. Semi‑Auto gives you these great benefits:

  • Additional control and flexibility for expert users
  • Improved ground balance stability
  • Another option to deal with tricky detecting conditions
  • A specialist tool for expert prospectors

“In Semi-Auto mode the GPZ is noticeably quieter over the ground in all modes but especially in Normal Ground Type modes.”
Field Tester 3 – Clermont, QLD

For further details refer to the brochure here

You can download the software here

Read the Treasure Talk blog about Ground Smoothing here

Important Notes:
1) Both the GPZ control box under the detector armrest AND the GPZ control pod user interface on top of the handle must be connected together and updated as a pair at the same time. Therefore, if sending your detector to a dealer or service centre, to carry out this update, do not send the control box alone.

2) This update is currently NOT COMPATIBLE with XChange 2 and therefore will make XChange 2 inoperable with the GPZ 7000 detector. A new compatible version of XChange 2 will be available within the next few months, at which time full compatibility will be restored. Any data you have stored on XChange 2 will not be lost when you carry out the GPZ update and when this new version of XChange 2 becomes available.

3) When installing this upgrade, the detector will need to have the universal settings re-selected (e.g. language, weight) and the wireless module re-connected.