F3S Configuration Editor

F3 metal detectors are supplied with two colored end caps that set the detector configuration:

  • Black End Cap – High sensitivity for detection of minimum metal mines.
  • Red End Cap – Reduced sensitivity for detection of large or UXO targets.

It is possible to set the F3S metal detector to a custom configuration by connecting the:

  • Yellow End Cap - Custom configuration

The F3S with yellow end cap can be optimized to suit specific local conditions. Using Minelab’s F3S Configuration Editor software running on a laptop computer connected to the earset of the F3S detector three internal detector settings may be configured. These are:

  • Audio Volume - Changes the amplitude of the audio signal that is emitted by the detector
  • Sensitivity - Changes the raw sensitivity of the detector
  • Ground Balance - Changes the way that the detector interacts with the ground

Once the F3S Configuration Editor has adjusted the detector yellow end cap configuration the custom settings will be retained and will only function when the yellow end cap is connected.

Download F3S Configuration Editor

System Requirements for F3 Configuration Editor

Application system requirements:

  • PC with MS Windows 2000 or later
  • Serial Port (RS232) or USB port with USB to serial adapter (RS232)
  • F3S Metal Detector
  • F3 data cable (3011-0096)

“The F3S Configuration Editor” software can be downloaded from the Minelab website below:



Install F3S Configuration Editor

  1. Open download folder.
  2. Run file named: “F3SSetup.msi” on your Windows PC.
  3. F3 Configuration editor window opens, select “Next” option
  4. License Agreement window opens, select “I Agree” then select “Next”.
  5. Select Installation Folder window opens, change the folder location if required. Then select “Next”.
  6. Confirm Installation window opens, select “Next”.
  7. The configuration editor software is installed on the PC, the progress will be shown with an “Installation Complete” window displayed when complete.
  8. Select “Close”. The F3 Configuration Editor has been installed.
  9. The software installation process will create a desktop icon to open the ‘Configuration Editor’. A Minelab folder will be created in the Start menu which also includes the short cut to start the ‘Configuration Editor.

Using the F3S Configuration Editor

  1. Open the F3S Configuration Editor
  2. At the bottom left of the F3 Configuration Editor select the com port that the F3S detector is connected to. The com port can be found in the Device Manager, Ports (COM & LPT).
  3. Connect a yellow End Cap to the F3S.
  4. Insert a set of batteries.
  5. Turn on the F3S.
  6. Connect the F3S to the PC
  7. Click on the refresh button in the Configuration Editor. Once the Configuration Editor has established communication the details of the connected F3S detector will be displayed at the bottom of the configuration editor window.
  8. You will now be able to edit the F3s yellow end cap settings.

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