The F3 incorporates all the features of Minelab's unique, proven and highly renowned Multi Period Sensing technology into Minelab's new BIPOLAR technology.



Selectable sensitivity through use of innovative 'Sensitivity Endcaps' capable of detecting all metal and minimum metal mines at full sensitivity regardless of the mineralised content of soil quickly and accurately pinpointing targets.


Minimises risk of initiating magnetic influence mines and designed to prevent an operator accidentally reducing sensitivity - provision of a 'Confidence Tone' during operation and comprehensive Built-In-Test systems to monitor and confirm detector functionality. 


F3 L (L ~ Light Emitting Diodes)

The F3 L is a modified F3, which includes an LED display, and volume controls located on top of the handle assembly.

F3 S & F3 LS (S ~ Sensitivity Adjustment)

The F3 S and F3 LS are modified F3 and F3 L detectors. The S configuration permits a user to customise the sensitivity of the detector via a laptop computer using Minelab supplied software. The advantage of the S configuration is the ability to maximise detector performance in specific ground conditions, against a specific mine threat and within areas of electromagnetic interference. The customised sensitivity is only functional when using a dedicated Yellow Endcap.


The F3 UXO is an F3 detector (any configuration) with a 450mm coil suitable for UXO detection and battle area clearance operations.

Ease of Use

Fully adjustable for operator comfort and simple to operate with no complicated switches, dials or flashing lights to distract or confuse an operator.


Constructed from impact resistant materials and designed to survive in any operating environment with enclosed protected cables.


Detachable battery pack with improved battery life. 

Water Resistant

Water resistant to 3 metres.


For Countermine F3 detector.

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