The F3 Compact incorporates all of the capabilities of the proven standard F3 detector but uses a new mechanical platform that greatly reduces the packed volume and weight of the equipment. 



Capable of detecting all metal and minimum metal mines at variable sensitivity through the selection of seven uniquely combined audio and sensitivity configurations regardless of the mineralised content of soil while it minimises risk of initiating magnetic influence mines.


Uniform sensitivity across the surface of the search head eliminating any blind spots – provision of a ‘Confidence Tone’ during operation and comprehensive Built-In-Test systems to monitor and confirm detector functionality. 

Easy to Use

Simple to operate, with intuitive well positioned controls while including a RS232 port for data logging. 


Impact resistant and waterproof, designed to survive in any operating environment.

Target Indicators

Audio and visual indications with fast and accurate pinpointing for target identifcation. 

Operator Comfort

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