Understanding how Gollum felt

Sovereign GT

March 22, 2013 02:00pm

Metal detecting finds - diamond ring

It was a cold day out there for detecting. However, the symptoms of cabin fever where powerful enough to get me on an iceberg barefoot if someone told me there was treasure buried in it.

A recent blizzard tore up the local coastline and I needed to get out and take my Sovereign GT for a stroll in the cold. I was coming up on my fourth hour and my finds pouch was starting to annoy me as it overflowed with typical coastal trash. I just dropped my gloves in the wet sand as I fumbled with a granola bar that was being eyeballed by hungry seagulls.

I finally conceded to the cold and decided to head home. As I began my long hike back to the truck and was coming up to the crest of a newly formed slope in the sand, I thought about the stories I have read in treasure magazines where the author made his best find on his way back to his vehicle.

STOP! said my Sovereign GT and dig here. I plunged my scoop in the sand and let out a grunt as if I was a Knight striking the final blow to a menacing Dragon, I checked the hole and knew that the target was freed from its lair. From the corner of my eye I saw something winking at me from the remnants of the hole I just dug. My jaw dropped and so did my granola bar as I finally realized that Diamonds really do sparkle the way pirates have said they do.

I quickly picked up the ring and understood what Gollum meant when he went on and on about his precious. I counted eight small Diamonds circling one large Diamond. I couldn't believe how heavy the 14k band felt that was housing these stones.

On my way home I stopped by a local cash for gold shop. I had no more of an intention to give the ring up but just wanted to get an idea of what I found. After silently studying the ring hunched over with his monocle. The clerk at the cash for gold slowly raised his head wiped his brow and spoke eight words in a tone that rivalled Gandalf's most serious warning to Frodo. "This ring is way out of my league"

I was told the large diamond is 3 1/4ct, and was told that it is the most clearest one he has ever seen come through his shop. He said it is a very old ring and would not be surprised if it was lost many years ago. If it was not for the blizzard it would still be buried deep beyond the depths of any detector.

Regardless of the fate of this ring and where it's future is, right now it is too precious to let go of.



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congratulations on the successful hunt
Posted By: ghost a on March 23, 2013 01:56am
Congrats on the Big Shiny One Jason.
Your name sounds mighty familiar.
I grew up in Salem, maybe we went to school together, reply to me here if my name sounds familiar, HH, Herbie, AKA steelheadwill.
Posted By: steelheadwill1 on August 01, 2013 05:40pm
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