Today's Ghost Town Hunt

Explorer SE

February 28, 2013 04:30pm

Ghost Town Buttons found metal detecting

Went out on this fine day to try my luck at my old ghost town again. I had just gotten my Explorer SE back from Minelab after a repair. I wanted to see how stable it would be in this trashy area. Today I had lots of hits in the low tone area. I dug many flat buttons, musket balls and a few small parts that I believe were from shoes. The tag near the top has the word patent on it. I wondered how many years the Patent System went back. I did find a very trashy area that I will hit again soon with a small coil. I believe it is the area where the courthouse once stood next to the town square. There was lots of broken bricks and sandstone lying around the area. I forgot to mention this ghost town dates from 1809-1843.

Thanks and Happy Hunting.

Thanks Minelab for Awesome Detectors
camb1 - USA


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