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GP 3500

December 08, 2011 11:59am

Metal Detector Finds - Quartzite Outing Gold Nugget

I moved to NW Arizona in 2005 to an area I had never seen before. I wanted to spend the rest of my days chasing gold. I started off with a Minelab Eureka Gold VLF then to a SD2100v2 and on to my present Creampuff of a detector my GP 3500.

I had spent the better part of a year or more hunting for that 1st nugget. As luck would have it the day I detected my 1st, 2 more were in the cards for a total of 3, 1st nuggets. They weren't very big only consolation was there were 3.

Well on down thru the years between 05 and now 2011 I have had my share of nuggets and meteorites. The nuggets were never very big, finding one the size of your fingernail was a real treat. Meteorites on the other hand had come in good size for me hundreds of grams each at times.

But the Big or Large Nugget ALWAYS ELUDED ME.

I've dug holes to China I thought only to find old horseshoes and other metallic targets. Never having that target signal turn out to be a real EYE OPENER.

Well Chris Gohlson from Arizona Outback and a buddy of mine "Bunk" AKA Calvin Bunker were hosting an outing at Quartzite Arizona this last weekend and I darn near missed out on being there. Some unforeseen problems kept me from going until that Saturday came and I knew if I didn't load up an go it wasn't going to happen. So I left and drove thru mixed snow and rain not knowing what weather I would face when I arrived.

It turned out to be a most memorable AZO Outing as I was lucky enough to get my coil over a nugget like I had only dreamed of. A 2 1/2 ounce specie was at the bottom of the hole in a wash this time instead of another rusty piece of metal.

A day I'll never forget, time spent with my Minelab GP 3500 swinging in the desert southwestern U.S. Now I have a goal to TOP that find this comming year. I'll keep ya posted when I do !!!!! Thank you Minelab and Bruce Candy.

FRANK C – Arizona, USA


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