The Grand Prize of Chuck E Cheese Items


February 11, 2012 12:14pm

Metal Detector Finds - Chuck E Cheese Birthday Medallion - USA

Almost every Detectorist in the United States has found a Chuck E Cheese Game token and there is a running joke about finding one. I have a can of them myself so they are nothing to be excited about. Today however, I found the grand prize of Chuck E Cheese Items.

On my E-TRAC I got a signal that sounded good but was bouncing back and forth between a quarter and junk on the FE/CO scale. I have learned to go with my gut and dig if it sounds good.

When I first saw the edge of the item after scanning the hole with my pinpointer, I thought I had a piece of Gold Jewelry. What it ended up being was a Chuck E Cheese Birthday Medallion that is six times larger than one of the tokens. I included one of the Tokens along witht he Medallion in the photo to show the size of the item.

I have had so much fun with my E-TRAC, it has re-newed my interest in the hobby since I was getting tired of having to dig every target with other detectors. My good finds now out number the trash by 3 to 1.

Big Norm - Florida, USA


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