Newbie Surprise

20 Aug 2015

I am a 100% disabled Veteran and decided to try metal detecting as a means of relaxing and dealing with my PTSD. I bought a new Minelab CTX 3030 a few days ago. After a few failed attempts at learning on my or and finding 2 pennies and a lot of pull tabs I met some local detector users and got some assistance on how to setup and use the detector.

Today I was with one of those new friends and he would randomly toss a coin in front of me to learn how to identify the sound and ID after tossing a nickel for me to find he swung around the area near me got a good signal and asked me to tell him what it was, sadly I could not. he told me it was mine go ahead and dig it. It was about 5" down and I thought I had found a quarter till I looked at it and did not know what It was so tossed it to my friend saying I thought it was a token of some sort. When he opened his hand his eyes went wide and he said this is NOT a token here look. It turned out to be a silver 1780 Carolus III 2 reale piece. In very bad shape but it is the best thing this newbie ever found... I love my CTX 3030 now I just need to save for a Pro-Swing 45, scuba or Snorkel lessons and meet history and adventure head on.

Edward – Missouri, USA

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