New Type of Meteorite Discovered

GP 3500

March 06, 2012 09:43am

Metal Detector Finds - Meteorite - USA

While on a hunt detecting for gold I was in an area with a tremendous amount of hotrocks, both on the surface and buried giving signals constantly. I tend to run my Minelab GP 3500 P.I. at what I would describe "full throttle". Along with my amplifier. And in between the various signals in this extremely hot ground I caught one that just wasn't right.

What I mean is I was able to distinguish it as being slightly different than the majority of the hot signals present. This area is SO HOT that people detecting with VLF'S walk away as soon as they start hunting it. I dug the signal from in between 2 other hot rocks mentally discriminating the constant sounds I was hearing. Well after getting down into the hole I dug I uncovered a charcoal brickette shaped target. Having hunted meteorites for quite some time I instantly recognized it and immediately did a magnetic test on it and whammo it was magnetic.

After cleaning it off I was able to see this was different than the 100's of other meteorites I have detected in the past 6 years. It had a beautiful flight oriented shape and radial flows lines clearly visible and on the reverse side was an alblation lip showing where the liquid flew off of it during its flight through the atmosphere when it was heated up to the melting point.


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