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March 13, 2013 12:40pm

Metal detecting finds - 1934 King George NZ shilling

I have used an old cheap detector, on and off, for a few years with virtually no joy. But after reading the success stories on the Minelab site, I decided to give detecting a proper try and purchased an X-TERRA 705.

My first session, after reading the manual was in my back garden, which I had gone over previously with my old detector. I was amazed at how much came out of the ground, even some modern decimal coins which my old machine missed.

Metal detecting finds - 18ct gold ring I then went to an old park nearby and found at around 6" deep a 1934 Silver NZ Shilling King George V. That find really startled me as it was totally unexpected. I then found a 1917 English Half penny and a 1921 English Penney.

To top this I went a second time to this old park and got a solid 14 signal which turned out to be an 18CT Gold ring, 6" down in heavy soil - I am now a confirmed detectorist and sold on the X-TERRA 705 as it is light to use and keeps bringing history to the surface.

Thanks Minelab for a great product.

DIGNZ - Auckland, New Zealand


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