My first gold after 2 years of metal detecting


February 12, 2013 10:35am

Metal detecting finds - 1967 gold class ring

I have had and used an X-TERRA 305 for well over a year and a half and loved it so much but was time to upgrade. I decided to go with an X-TERRA 705 and boy I am not disappointed! I have been finding things in locations I have pounded for 2 years now.

Anyways to the story...on Jan 30, 2013 I went to a local park for a short hunt after work. I had found a nice Sharps Carbine CW bullet earlier that day on my lunch break so thought I would go check the area out before heading home.

I walked a straight line to the corner of the ball field where I found the CW bullet and found another carved 3 ring minie ball right away. Walked about 10-15 feet and got a solid 30 on the X-TERRA 705 so I thought it was a zinc penny (which I dig) or bullet.

Metal detecting finds - 1967 gold class ring I dug about 5-6" and hit it with the pinpointer. I wiped the dirt from the bottom of the hole and BAM!! I saw gold at the bottom. After walking around the hole for a few minutes saying OMG I found gold over and over, I finally got the nerve and pulled it out the hole. It was a huge (17g 10k) class ring from 1967. Also hit a nice 1952 Washington quarter at about 7".

Needless to say the X-TERRA's are amazing machines and I will not part with mine for anything.

Thanks for reading.

Preston - LA, USA


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Good to see! I just bought a 705 but it's the dead of winter so I have to wait until Spring, glad to hear that you like and are having success with the 705!
Posted By: StuffRecoveryUnit on February 17, 2013 08:21am
Any tips on beach hunting? I just got my 705, new to this. Have found some coins, newer stuff. Running on factory preset, I am a little overwhelmed

Bob M
Posted By: on October 09, 2013 12:53pm
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