My first experience with CTX 3030

CTX 3030

March 08, 2013 02:10pm

Metal detecting finds - jewellery

Hi, I am from Argentina! This could be just a short story, but it is not, at least for me!

When I went on vacation, shortly after buying my CTX 3030 and without having studied the entire manual anyway. So, I decided to have an adventure and it was just to turn it on and to put in "BEACH" mode (without any special setting) and I swept the seashore for a few days during my stay there.

And it was a great surprise for me because I could always find something every day in those sands ... but I was also pleased for choosing the CTX 3030, I mean, it was successful because it could find targets within an area that had been "swept" for a long time by other well-known brands and that also means by “pro” detectors.

It was really worth buying it as it has also been paying itself. Undoubtedly, Minelab is very good and it has shown through facts.... two wedding gold rings with diamond , a gold ring with patterns and another white gold ring, etc ... Thanks for the real marketing ... I mean , no fantasies!

Pepe Sanchez - Santa Fe, Argentina


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