Loved Every Moment Beach Detecting with Minelab

Excalibur 1000

December 30, 2011 03:23pm

Metal Detectorists Detecting at the Beach - USA

You probably hear this all the time but here’s one more for your records: I love my Minelab! My sweetheart, Michael, gave it to me for Christmas. On Christmas Day, we headed to the beach but I wasn’t able to use it that day since the battery had to be charged. I had to use my ‘old’, not-a-Minelab-but-wasn’t-cheap-either metal detector. I found nothing that day – not one single hit even. That’s OK, though, because after I got off work the next day, we headed back to the beach – Minelab in hand, thank you very much.

We hit the beach around low-tide and began detecting. Michael warned me when we were parking that there were 5 other detectorists already on the beach, so we might not find much. I said that was OK because I just wanted to try out my Minelab. Though my ‘old’ detector was made to use in the water (without submerging the housing unit), I couldn’t go into the water with it as the minerals in the sea water made it go crazy with tons of false readings. We spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to get it to ground out the minerals – reading the manual, looking things up online and watching YouTube videos. (By “we” I mean Michael.) ‘We’ were somewhat successful but I couldn’t take it into the water as the sea water seemed to be too much for it.

As I waded into the water for the very first time with my Minelab, I squealed from the cold. It was sure cold at first but the sun soon warmed me up and I was having a wonderful time. I got nary a false reading. Woohoo! And in the short time we were out there, the difference between the two metal detectors we brought with us was striking. Even going over the same area where the other 5 detectorists had been, I still had 5 hits with my Minelab while Michael had only one with his ‘other kind’. Plus, I had one really deep hit that his metal detector never registered at all!

After we dug up that ‘treasure’, a shy little boy of about 3 or 4 came up with his dad in tow to ask me about it. I squatted down to show it to him. He was so cute! You could tell it was all he could do to be brave in the face of talking to someone he didn’t know, but his curiosity overcame his natural shyness. A little while later, a newspaper reporter came up to us and interviewed us for the local paper. We even got our picture in the paper! Too cool, huh?

As we were packing up to leave, the same little boy and his dad drove past and stopped to ask about our finds. While this may not seem like a ‘success story’ to you, it meant the world to me to be able to show that shy little tyke the coins we found – which is a treasure for sure to a 3 or 4 year old.

Thanks, Minelab. With what happened the day before and my experience with my ‘other’ detector, I can tell you without a doubt that I wouldn’t have found anything that day if it hadn’t been for my Minelab. I couldn’t have received a more perfect present. I loved every single minute on the beach with my Minelab and we’re going back this weekend - this time we’ll stay longer. Thank you, Minelab, for making such fabulous detectors!

Terri - FL, USA


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Hi Terri (and Michael)..

I read your story and really felt to say that I totally agree with you that Minelab (Excalibur II in my case)is a great machine! I too had an experience here on Maui. I go to this beach in Lahaina, where people take their little ones to swim. This beach is so calm even during high surf because of a fringing reef that protects the shoreline.

Anyway, I know the disappointment of seeing another MDer already searching the same area. But I say to myself that hey, there was still something there for me to find. After a short meeting with this guy, I found out that he had been there for already three hours and found a small gold toe ring and a lot of lead sinkers. Hmmmm...I too was disappointed but I gave it a go anyway.

Well, what do you think I found.. two 14K rings! And within 10 minutes!

So, don't be too discouraged when you find another (or more!) MDers on the beach. Remember, rings are only about 1-inch square and even this, that an MDer must place the coil over this target. I never met an MDer that was that through, to cover every square inch of a beach. So hang in there!

Secrets or any big tips for you? If you are able, keep your detector "wide open", meaning using as little discrimination as possible, as well as maximizing the sensitivity. This will detect any deep jewelry (while in the water, of course!) that may be hiding there. The other big tip.... no matter what brand you swing, get to know and "trust" your machine. Sometimes it takes a few months to do this, but by building that trust (getting used to the sounds (tones)of different objects at different depths), this will more often than not, end up in the finds that will be so memorable for you. The biggest tip..... always, always have faith that you will find something good. A coin, ring, pendant, chain, bracelet.... Never, never give up. But be determined and smart, not stubborn. If you have no "good" finds today, the next you go, you will find them.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to this same spot and I found an 18.6 gram platinum diamond ring, in ankle deep water not three feet from the water's edge (about 8 inches down). It was there for a while since it had rust stains (lots of iron there since it was a very old rubbish dump there once!), on it, but it cleaned up rather nicely.

Anyway, take care and have fun, you two!

Allen (EX2MAUI)
Posted By: EX2MAUI on January 24, 2013 05:41am
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