Detecting in N. Dakota

02 Nov 2015

My job allows me to travel worldwide, I have been working in N. Dakota. I met a guy here whose family had homesteaded here in the late 1800's. I have been trying to get in all summer to hunt it but, the grass has been too high and thick. Now that grass is dying off and easily chopped so I can hunt the property. My latest trip I found what appears to be where the house stood. I have located an abundance of Ball jar lids with the porcelain in them. I later moved towards the area where there is a noticeable foundation. It came to be that was in the early years to be a house/barn where the family lived with the livestock. As I was hunting in this area I hit a large target that sent overload to my detector. I took out my pinpointer and began to see what size the area was. I found it was a rather large area and began to dig. approximately 6" below the dirt I hit a handle to what appeared to be a Cream Can. I continued to dig and to my surprise it was in fact a full intact Cream Can with little rust. I removed the can and took it with me where at work I gave it to the Great Grandson of the original owners. I will continue to look for the buried gold that the family had to have hid somewhere on this property.

David – Texas, USA

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