A Nice Small Tone


November 20, 2011 09:58am

Metal Detector Finds - 17th Century Puzzle Ring - Netherlands

Started the day with my feats in the water searching for the famos Dutch shrimps with a small shrimp net. With a temperatur of 8 celcius fot a good wake-up call. After a while i treated myself with a big sandwich with delicious Dutch kroketten and a Heineken.

Back home about 13.00 Hours, my brother called if knew places to search, he is just starded with this great hobby. But there where a few places we could go to, so I looked sweet to my wife if it was oke to go away again fo a few hours.

That was no problem, my hephew of 10 was comming also to play with my 10 year old son.
So after a cup of coffey we were off to go searching.

Walking for about 20 minutes, I'll decided to go a few meters to the left, cousse a year before I
found my self nice old small buckles at that place. Now it where some musket balls and nice small buttons, but then it happend. A nice small tone slightly to the left in the middle with a 14 tone. I thought this could be lead again, but it would be more to the 12 then.

Il digged a small hole, and in the slightle sandy soil there it was. Yes again gold, I shouted to my brother to come over. It is a verry nice and in good shape so called puzzle ring, it is dated about 1600 to 1650. The ring was a kind of wedding ring, and was often given away by a sailor, because it was a ring difficult to take, if the woman would do so the ring was not easy to get in the same shape. It was for the sailor easy to see, it his woman was not cheeting.

Well anough tallking hre is the ring from early 17 century.
Greeting all, and have good finds.

Rob van der Zande - Zeeland, Netherlands


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