A Killer Day


August 28, 2011 09:58am

Metal Detector Finds - 1916D Mercury Dime - USA

Today Mr Stuff (Dave) drove up to hunt with me, and wow....we both had a KILLER day!

We hunted sidewalk curb strips and a couple old houses. Our finds were just awesome today. He was kicking my butt on silver and I grumbled that I had not YET dug a silver coin yet today and the very next signal was a solid 12-45 at 4-5"...........I cut the plug and opened it up. I saw a silver dime, pulled it out of the hole and right away I saw it was a I yelled at Dave, "hey I finally got a silver!" then I looked at it and saw the 1916, and nervously flipped it over and saw the D.....instantly I started shaking. I am still in utter amazement, this is a once in a lifetime find. Thank God I did not scratch it.


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