3631 Barbarous Radiate Hoard & Roman Building


March 21, 2013 09:20am

Metal detecting finds - Barbarous Radiate Hoard

The hoard discovery has led to a Roman building being discovered. The 3631 coins were in the center of one of the rooms. The hoard has just been declared treasure and is currently being held at the British Museum, London.

The local paper has done a story here:

And my treasurenet thread was started here:

The exact location still has to remain secret as we're still excavating the area. I love my E-TRAC!

David - Derbyshire, UK


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At least your Government rewards you for turning in such a find. Here in the United States, if we find anything like this, the Government moves in, takes over and we get nothing.
Posted By: BigNorm on March 23, 2013 04:07am

I couldn't upload all the information and photos I'd like to here (due to space) but hopefully the two links will say what I'd like to. 'The Searcher' magazine will be doing a story shortly with even more photos. There were over 500 coins in the first hole I dug detected with my E-TRAC, the remaining coins were extracted during the excavations with Archaeologists and me checking the spoil heaps. The 'Treasure' process takes a long time to conclude here in the UK. Now that its finally declared as 'Treasure' it can now start the 'valuation' process!

Posted By: DavidBeard on March 25, 2013 07:51pm
Derbyshire-ware storage jar fragment extracted during excavation:

And a Grey-ware Flanged bowl fragement:

Posted By: DavidBeard on March 27, 2013 07:56pm
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