1865 Civil War camp


February 28, 2013 04:35pm

Civil War Camp finds detecting

Hi all, Christmas eve 2012 I went out for a couple of hours to a pounded CW site close to home. I had been over the area before with little results.

Well armed with the E-TRAC in TTF mode I started finding bullets. After just a few hours I had about 20 dropped bullets, buttons and other camp site related odds and ends.

Merry Christmas to me!

After about 30 hours in the area (several hunts) I have found around 150 bullets 20 good display buttons including one Cavalry coat button and several infantry buttons , several J hooks ,other odds and ends.

The best find thus far is a beautiful eagle breast plate from about 8 inches in the ground! I have wanted one for years and now it is the center of a display I put together. Thank you Minelab for putting out a great product.
Trent Nunley - USA


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