Modes to Find the Deep Gold

15 Sep 2014

Just in case you have not heard the news yet, the versatile waterproof CTX 3030 is more than just a master of discrimination on the beach and in the shallow water.

The wide open Detect screen of the Relic Mode provides monster depth on wide open beaches and stretches of water with little trash.

A beach or water hunter searching in the Relic Mode will need to invest in a good sturdy long handled scoop to help recover deep targets made possible by the formidable CTX 3030 all metals mode.

This heavy 3/4 ounce, 14 karat gold Mariners cross pendant with 14 diamonds is proof that even on heavily hunted tourist areas, the CTX 3030 can still find deep gold that other metal detectors simply cannot hear.

I like searching for gold and silver jewelry in the waters of South Florida, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and trying to find jewelry before the full time local treasure hunters.

Using the CTX 3030 Relic Mode affords me the luxury of not having to worry about metal detecting over an area that has already been searched.

The easy shallow targets are probably gone but the harder to find deeper targets are another story, they are waiting just out of most metal detectors normal detection range.

Finds like these pieces of gold and silver jewelry, found recently on one of the most heavily hunted tourist beaches in South Florida.




Luckily for Minelab users, the CTX 3030 is not your normal average metal detector and can be turned into a deep all metal monster with the press of a button.

Part of having success at beach and shallow water treasure hunting is knowing what metal detector settings, or combination of settings works the best in your area.

Try not to forget that there is a time for discrimination and target separation, as well as a time to go for pure depth. 

Run in the wide open Relic Mode when searching on beaches known for old shipwreck artifacts, using the large 17 X 13 search coil will only increase the already awesome depth capabilities of the CTX 3030 all metals mode.

Try to take advantage of the low tides on busy tourist beaches, by searching areas in the water that were previously only accessible to swimmers during the last high tide. 

Fewer lightweight trash targets are found away from the first drop off inside the ocean, the ability of the CTX 3030 Relic Mode to reach deeper and heavier gold targets will more than compensate for the extra digging of all metal objects.

When discrimination is not the primary goal, take full advantage of the CTX 3030 Relic Mode to find the deep gold.

Stay lucky! 



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Gary have you made any changes to the universal settings to gain this depth that everyone is touting? I have been using the CTX now for about 16 months and I have made some fantastic finds but I am just not getting the supposed depth capabilities out of it that others are reporting. Yes I do have and use the 17" coil and I run a program I created that has mode 1 as wide open and mode 2 has the bottom 6 rows discriminated out.
Posted By: 2ndoldman on September 23, 2014 12:14pm
hello I am owner of 3030 ctx since July 2014 setting what can you give me for forests and plowing millieux polué because I have trouble understanding the identification of targets on the screen I live in France where he is on the side there alot to them and the war ww1 ww2 with alot of shrapnel and other waste cordially
Posted By: lataupedu68 on November 04, 2014 07:49pm
Gary, I'm a new owner of the CTX3030. I read your book and it really helped me get off to a fast start. I hunt fresh water beaches in Ohio.
In 4 hunts I have 7 rings. 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 junkers. I'll be rereading your book to learn all that I can.
Posted By: jeffgold24k on November 05, 2014 10:51am
Hi guys is there an advanced manual or coarse in use of the ctx 3030 . It's a great machine but I resorted to a sovereign gt which is knocking the 3030 to the boundary at the moment .

Kind regards
Posted By: Danny13 on June 06, 2016 07:09pm

I use a modified Beach mode with as little discrimination as possible and sweep my search coil very slowly and scuff the sand. Try burying a few test targets at the beach and see how different setting effect the depth you can detect those test targets. The X factor may be there are no deep targets at the places you have searched, believe me it happens.


I have just returned from a recent trip to England where I dug some fantastic stuff using of all things, a modified beach mode I use searching for Spanish treasure on beaches in Florida. I too detected plowed fields and pasture with long grass, I ignored a lot of the target IDs and dug every two way repeatable signal with my CTX 3030. My advise is to use your ears in really junky trash filled areas, and look for rock steady cursor placements on the detect screen. Two way repeatable signals and a target cursor that is not bouncing around the screen are good signs! I hope this helps , regards Gary

Jeffgold 24K

First of all Jeff, cool name ! thank you so much for the cool feedback, I really appreciate it. Cheers Gary

Danny 13

I like the fact that you are using the SovGT because you prefer to use it and most importantly you feel more comfortable using it. That in my opinion is what it is all about, knowing what you like and knowing how to use it.
I still look at my SovGt as one of the best metal detectors Minelab ever made, however I assure you the CTX 3030 is the mutts nuts and a testament to how good it is as there is no bigger fan of the Sovereign GT than me. I have an advanced guide to using the CTX 3030, it assumes you know the CTX 3030 basics. I have a link to my book pages on one of my recent Treasure Talk blogs. Cheers Gary
Posted By: Gary Drayton on July 15, 2016 12:01pm

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