Grand Opening of the Minelab Technology Training Center

27 Sep 2010

“Fantastic”, “unbelievable”, “This is great, a company that cares about training” were just some of the many positive remarks made during the Grand Opening of the Minelab Technology Training Center in Prescott Valley area of Arizona.

Friday was another ground breaking day in the metal detecting industry. After being involved in this sport for over 40+ years this is the first facility that I can think of that is dedicated to training and I want to thank everyone that made it a great day in the mountains of Arizona.

I want to thank Minelab Partners Chris and Steve Gholson, Rob Allison, Greg “Doc” Lousignont and Bill Southern that joined Gary Schafer, Scot Mitchell and myself along with the few dozen detectorist and soon to be Minelab detectorist in attendance for their insight, stories and knowledge during the event. That even includes Doc’s detecting naked story! I also want to thank Linda Grace, volunteer extraordinaire for her help and dedication to the overall sport of prospecting and metal detecting.

metal detecting training centre

Even today, two days later while I am here in the office touching up from the festivities and starting to write this blog post people are stopping by to share and ask questions, have a look around hold a few detectors and pick up a brochure or two.

When I first approached Gary Schafer a few months ago with the idea of an Arizona training facility it was more than wanting a place to meet with partners after the Las Vegas main facility moved to Downers Grove. We both saw the incredible opportunity of building a facility that becomes a western states hub for Partner training and a place for Minelab owners and potential owners to learn more about Minelab, the “World’s Best Metal Detection Technologies”.

The facility will be hosting outings for Partners and owners in some of the most productive land in the western states. Within an hour or less from the front door of the building we can hunt famous nugget areas, parks, ghost towns and old home sites.

The Technology Training Center is about teaching and learning. Learning from our Partners and Minelab owners, what we as a company can do for them and the sport of detecting
Energy creates energy and we are amped up!

For details on future events please see the events page under the community tab on the Minelab website. Events

Kevin Hoagland
Director of Partner Development
Minelab Americas


Do you think that there will be training facilities out East? I live in Louisville KY and would love to go to one. Maybe a mobile training facility that travels for Minelab? I'm a laid off detectorist and could use a job. haha. Just wondering.
Posted By: jpdane on October 06, 2010 11:33pm
We do have central States facility located at our Downers Grove Headquarters facility outside of Chicago. Keep an eye on the events calendar of the site for Customer Training Days.
I would very much like to have consumer outings sponsored by Minelab retail partners throughout the States and it is a project that we are working on. I have talked to a number of Minelab Partners and they are as excited about it as well. Again keep checking the events section of the site for more information as it develops.
Best regards,
Posted By: Kevin Hoagland on October 07, 2010 09:17am
Hey Kevin,

The new Minelab Tech. Training Center was a great idea from Minelab. I recommend having the next event on a weekend day, such as Saturday or Sunday. Many customers stated to me that they couldn't make a during the week event.

Overall, the Training Center will be a great asset to all levels of coin/relic and gold nugget hunters.

Can't wait for the next event to come around.

Rob Allison
Rob's Detector Sales
(623) 362-1459
Posted By: RobA on October 08, 2010 03:25am
Agreed there were a number of reasons for the Friday event but the plans moving forward are for weekend events and occasional weekday events as well.
I also want to thank you for adjusting your always busy schedule to be a part of the opening. Your Q&A with Bill was excellent.
Posted By: Kevin Hoagland on October 09, 2010 05:31am
Howdy Kevin, had a great time at the grand opening and I agree Minelab has taken big steps to help the customer more easily have access to training. As a Minelab partner I always offer training on detectors I sell to help folks truly appreciate the value of owning the best!

I will be taking advantage of this new facility in the near future.

Enjoyed doing the talk with Rob Allison and would do it again in a minutes notice. The rest of the speakers were great and I learned a thing or two...
Posted By: BillS on October 12, 2010 01:06pm
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