Sometimes the gut know best

11 Aug 2021
Find of
the Month

The other day I was on my way to the old High School football field (now a local park) when I got the feeling I should hit the old Grammer School field (also converted to a park) instead since it was on the way. I got the closest parking spot next to the entrance and I started across the field without any luck. As I swing around and was heading back in my search pattern I had the feeling I should stop and turn towards the end of the field where the playground equipment was. !0 yards later I got a solid VDI-18 on the 4kHz and Multi-Frequency modes. It was three bars down so I cut a wide plug and pulled up a huge gold ring. I saw the green/blue opal through the mud and I let out a victory yip that got the attention of the parents and their kids playing nearby. The 10.59g ring has four stones surrounding the large opal (a red, green, blue, and yellow stone). The maker's mark is unintelligible but the 14K is easy to see. I'm glad I changed my mind, sometimes it's in the stars or in the gut.

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