My first proper find.

25 Jan 2024

So I was on a group dig in south wales (U.K) only my second time out with a group and my 4th time out with a detector (vanquish 540) with about 50 other people over 30 acres. It was all on a hillside and was a wet tiring afternoon. Half way through the day I made my way up to the top corner of the field where I’ve seen about 4 or 5 others having a scan about and as I got there the last guy decided to move on. So after 2 bullets, a shotgun cap and a horseshoe I decided it was time to move on somewhere else myself. As I turned my body around to head off, my vanquish beeped a 24. I half-heartedly swung it over the same spot thinking it would be a false tone for some reason or have an iron tone mixed in on a second sweep but as I did a crisp 24-25 kept coming with a lovely high tone. I dug the clod, turned it over and dropped down with my pro find 35, I prodded at a loose piece of soil which to my surprise uncovered a shiney disc. My heart went and I picked it out hoping it wasn’t a button to instantly see the milled edges and the portrait of a monarch. It was a 1909 silver sixpence. My first ever legitimate find! I was extremely pleased that my run of blank corroded discs of old Pennie’s and nails came to an end. And this has got me more determined and more excited for more coins in the future.

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