XChange 2 - Your Detecting Connection - FREE download available now!

18 May 2012

If you have looked at the CTX 3030 website or brochure you might have come across the XChange 2 PC application. XChange 2 is available right now, free of charge, and can be used by any detectorist. Whilst there are some additional features that are exclusive to users of the CTX 3030, XChange 2 is a great tool for all detectorists. Why not give it a try! 

No matter which detector you use, with XChange 2 your world of discovery can now be simply managed on your personal computer (PC). XChange 2 allows you to store and retrieve a combination of finds, detector and location data. This information can also be displayed on Google Maps. All of your personal detecting data is stored locally and securely on your PC and is not accessible by Minelab or anybody else, so you can keep your detecting information as top secret as you like. 

Download XChange 2 today, along with the Instruction Manual, and change the way you go detecting – forever! 

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