Optimising Opportunities for CTX 3030 detectorists

19 Apr 2017

Since the CTX 3030 detectors release it has most certainly proven to be the Rolls Royce of the coin and treasure detectors, providing excellent target retrieval abilities. The power in this unit has opened up more opportunities from land to sea in all regions of the globe. 

The detector was released with three Minelab coils. These range from small, medium to very large. But there were additional sizes that I could see that Coiltek could provide. This would offer the detectorist even more choices which would assist in target recovery. The first CTX coil we developed was the Coiltek 10x5" size. This coil quickly became a go to option for many operators in fields and high trash areas. The second coil we have just developed is the all new 14x9" open web coil which Coiltek has produced in collaboration with Minelab.

Due for release on 19th April 2017, this brand new, injection moulded design will give greater options to satisfy the needs of detectorists whether hunting on the land but especially in the water! The coil design is based around the already incredibly popular Coiltek 15" size. During the design phase we have taken into consideration the need for extra robustness for enhanced stability thus resulting in negative buoyancy. The elliptical shape also has excellent pinpointing ability. This is another fully submersible design and fits perfectly in between the standard 11" and the larger 17x13" size from Minelab.

Building a brand new coil design is always a fun but challenging journey. Before we can make a final decision, there are many hours of deliberation, testing, researching, troubleshooting and most importantly discussions with designers and prospectors. Above all, it's the prospectors’ feedback that solidifies the main design. This is largely due to their field knowledge and feedback received during the design phase. Some of the most common discussion points start with 'So what's your favourite place to hunt?' or 'If you could choose any size coil, what would it be and why?' and ‘What detector product would you like to see more choices for?’ Having said that I also have the benefit of being a prospector of some kind! Not that I have the chance to get out every week or even every month, but having 20 years in the industry provides a good knowledge base and over these years I have been listening to all types of prospectors advice and opinions which certainly helps. Coiltek’s point of difference is to provide detectorists with premium coil choices that are not available from any other manufacturer. 

When initially testing the new 14x9" CTX coil we were delighted in the excellent results with the calibration of the coil spot on first time. What we discovered from manufacturing the 10x5" CTX coil certainly assisted us in getting it right first time. Once the first 10 production prototypes were completed, we shipped them out to highly qualified CTX testers from different countries around the world so we could get reports back when the coil was being used in different soil conditions. All ten testers were eager to receive the new coil as there had been talk about the need for a new size coming for a while. You can read and see more of what they each had to say about it through social media as they were all very eager to tell everyone about their experience. This coil has already been successful and has discovered many treasures from around the world. You can find photos of some of these on Coiltek’s Facebook page.

Gary Drayton  

Releasing a new coil for me (and everyone at Coiltek) is always an exciting but also anxious time. Mainly due to the fact that everything needs to run like clockwork to meet the release date. We have such a passionate Coiltek team who take great pride in what they do so when the coils are finally in the operators hands we can’t wait for the feedback... What will the detectorists say and think about the new coil?...What new treasure might they find? We know we have placed our knowledge and top efforts into the coil but it's like waiting for an interview! It's never something you get used to if you care enough about what you do.

Coiltek Team and CTX

This release will be no different and we are all looking forward to the on sale date (19th April 2017) and seeing what this coil can dig up! We have worked for around 20 months to bring this project to the world so get out there with the new coil and get swinging... 

Watch the Coiltek 14x9" CTX 3030 Coil  video here:

Trevor Ferraresso - Coiltek

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