XChange 2 allows you to store and retrieve a combination of finds, detector and location data.

By connecting the CTX 3030 or GPZ 7000 to XChange 2 you can transfer WayPoints, FindPoints and GeoHunts to and from your PC (an internet connection is required to view Google Maps). All of your personal detecting data is stored locally and securely on your PC and is not accessible by Minelab or anybody else.

  • Add text comments and photos to your finds and/or hunts. Important detecting information can now all be stored in one place with one PC application.
  • Categorise and color code target types on your maps and arrange in Collection folders. You can create an unlimited database of your detecting information for future reference.
  • Create new WayPoints for navigating to detecting locations of interest.
  • Edit, rename and download finds, detector settings and location data to your CTX 3030 or GPZ 7000 to assist with your next hunt.

View FAQs for XChange 2 here

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