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CTX 3030 The Future of Discovery

Uploaded: 18 May 2012
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Learn about the new CTX 3030 treasure detector from Minelab. In this introductory video you’ll discover the main features of this revolutionary detector, such as the colour Smartfind 2 display, integrated GPS and PC mapping with XChange 2. Download the video in the following languages: English, Russian.

Detector: CTX 3030
Categories: TREASURE


very niece model
MOHAMDE-YAHYA (07 Jun 2012)
is the whole machine waterproof, can you skin dive with the machine, do you get a shorter rod for it, what about extra batteries.
Africa (05 Jul 2012)
Hello Africa,

The CTX 3030 is waterproof to 3 metres (10ft). A shorter lower shaft is not available, however the lower shaft slides into the upper shaft reducing the length of the detector considerably. Additional batteries are available from your local Minelab dealer.

Brenton - Minelab
Brenton. (05 Jul 2012)
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