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CTX 3030 Discrimination Advantages

Uploaded: 16 May 2012
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In the Discrimination Advantages video learn about the revolutionary discrimination features of the CTX 3030 metal detector, such as Target Trace, Target Trace Pinpoint, Tone ID Profiles, Ferrous-Coin Separation and Ground-Coin Separation. Download the video.

Detector: CTX 3030
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Maybe it is me, but I think you go way to fast and I cant keep up with you. The instruction manual doesn't make it any easier. It tells what things do but is not "user friendly" to me. It is not written by and operator. thanks to these blogs and videos I am beginning to get the big picture. I have detected for many years but am not an E-RAC guy.This CTX 3030 is hard for me to digest. thanks, Ken
kenova153 (13 Jun 2012)
Yes I did not get much from that vid. But i am a begginer. Can you do one for dumbys like Vista.?.Im going to buy one auy how. (12 Sep 2012)
PHD for me (12 Sep 2012)
I'am new to detecting and could do with simple tips and instructions on how to use the CTX 3030
guzunder (02 Oct 2012)
would like to also know how to read this detector easy?? the instruction are not clear and really only basic when come to how to actually read the CTX 3030. i.e. higher up the screen means??? lower is?? right/left is??is it a case of knowing the ferrous or non fer properties of everything doing an air test to be able to understand clearly?? sorry if i may sound like a dummy here but I feel like one with this CTX 3030:) CTX 3030 for dummies we need...many are selling as they cannot get their head around the complexity of understanding the CTX 3030.
Highonlife (10 Dec 2012)
Had the CTX 3030 for three days now and when you get your head round all the buttons and what functions they do then your thing I did was do a air test on all metals then you get an idea where the cursors go on the detect screen...then you can work out how you can set your own program. Just go into every mode and look inside each so you can work out your own. Starting to get to grips with it now.
Highonlife (11 Dec 2012)
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