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Getting started with the CTX 3030

Uploaded: 14 May 2012
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In the Getting Started with the CTX 3030 video you will see the difference between the two model variants: the Standard and Starter Pack. Assembling the CTX 3030 is a breeze and the video shows you just how simple it is to put together and charge the supplied Li-Ion battery. Then you'll see a quick overview of the control panel, and how the buttons and functions have been laid out to make the detector intuitive and easy to use. Download the video.

Detector: CTX 3030
Categories: TREASURE


Have you anymore videos coming soon on the CTX 3030 ?

Jackal (15 May 2012)
Hi Jackal,
Keep checking back, there will be more videos released about the CTX 3030 metal detector in the coming days and weeks.
Brenton O’Brien
Brenton. (15 May 2012)
Ok thanks congratulations on your new machine really does look a quality made and well thought out mets detector...

Looking forward to more videos...
Jackal (15 May 2012)
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