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The Civil War Uncovered Episode 1

Uploaded: 27 Oct 2011
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In August 2011, the producers of Minelab’s exclusive video series “The Civil War Uncovered” received an invitation to metal detect on private property in Culpeper County (Virginia) where portions of the 1st US Calvary were camped during the Civil War. This was an amazing opportunity to find 150 year old Civil War relics. The property owner agreed to let us hunt for just one hour. Bob Painter (Relic Bob) and I met on the property about an hour before sunset. Bob has almost 4 decades of relic hunting experience and uses a Minelab GPX 4800. I was no match for Bob’s decades of experience, so I armed myself with a GPX 5000 to reduce the handicap.

Detector: GPX 5000, GPX Series


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