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GPZ 7000 vs GPX 5000 test found 7g nugget

Jonathan Porter - Australia

GPZ 7000 vs GPX 5000 test found 1g nugget

GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000 - Quick Start

Minelab Engineering Team

GPZ 7000 vs GPX 5000 test found 4g nugget

GPZ 7000

GPX 5000 Fine Gold timing video

Uploaded: 01 Oct 2010
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Learn how to set up the GPX 5000 metal detector for Fine Gold timing and see how effective the new Fine Gold timing is at detecting small pieces of gold. Download the video.

Detector: GPX Series
Keywords: GPX 5000, Fine Gold, gold prospecting, Gold, GPX
Categories: GOLD


I like the video very much. I like the explaination of the setups. This was very will done.
RonP (20 Oct 2010)
Interesting, love to see a demo!!!?
nzkiwiboy (04 Jan 2011)
Great Video easy to follow found it better to watch this than to read the manual, well done Minelab, love the GPX 5000 (06 Jan 2011)
just wandering what coil u guys were using
prospecting2009 (01 May 2011)
We were using the 11 inch Monoloop coil that comes supplied with the GPX 5000 metal detector. The GPX 5000 comes with two coils, an 11 inch Monoloop coil and an 11 inch Double-D coil. The Monoloop coil is more sensitive to small gold and performs very well with the Fine Gold Soil/Timing. The Double-D coil provides improved ground coverage, is less susceptible to electro-magnetic interference (EMI), and is required for utilising the Iron Reject function.
Brenton. (02 May 2011)
Thanks for the Video , this makes it easy to understand what you are doing and how it works.
I know it will take me two years to save for a machine like this, but I am ,so keep the videos coming please as we need to learn all we can.

The more videos you make the better ! This is making it easier to understand what we are buying and what the machine will and can do.

And I have to say these machines are amazing , you have made a quantum leap in technology !
Daedalus (22 May 2011)
This video has just made me understand more with my settings
Tintinnyika (04 Oct 2011)
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