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X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack Quick Start

Uploaded: 01 Jul 2010
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See how to setup the X-TERRA 705 metal detector for gold prospecting. Download the video.

Detector: X-TERRA Series
Keywords: X-TERRA, X-TERRA 705, Gold Pack, gold prospecting, Adventure
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Good video for a quick review but lacks the fine tuning and other features you will want to know. (17 Dec 2011)
Agree. After listening to the video, I placed 4 pieces of jewelry on the ground, 2 were gold pieces. Ran the detector over all 4 pieces and got the same tone results. Now what!? Minelab needs to have a more in depth start up video, even if only a couple of minutes. I'm sure that will help.
__public (29 Jan 2012)
Hi __public,When using the X-TERRA 705 in Prospecting Mode there is no change in tone from one type of target to another. The various tones are available in the Coin & Treasure Mode. To learn more download Randy Horton's free eBook on the X-TERRA Series of metal detectors from the member's section.Brenton
Brenton. (30 Jan 2012)
This video is a good starting point for those that have this machine. I'd add a DVD that covers the whole X-TERRA range is available also.
PeterC (11 Jul 2012)
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