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Stop Counterfeits

Uploaded: 06 Jun 2013
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We’re passionate about detecting for gold and so are you. Which is why we need to STOP counterfeiters producing inferior products and selling them as Genuine Minelab.

In this video learn about Minelab's brand protection security labels and SMS verification system and how you can verify that you have a Genuine Minelab.

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this has not instilled any confidence in my GPX5000. I bought it from a reputable dealer two years ago. it doesn't have the security measure as detailed above and when I entered and SMS the serial number it was answered with 'try again'
bonza (11 Jun 2013)
mikimiki266 (25 Dec 2014)
mikimiki266 (25 Dec 2014)
no balloons pencils pictures with numbers when I bought my 5000 in 2010 you should know the numbers or bad record keeping
__public (10 Mar 2015)
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