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The Civil War Uncovered - Episode 6

Famous war Generals are remembered in history for various things. Some are recalled due to their tactical decision making, glorious battles won or lost, statements made, or their personalities. JEB Stuart, a famous cavalry General serving in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, is remembered by many for his flamboyant personality and aggressive battlefield tactics. JEB was a proud man, and he loved his hat.

| 08 Oct 2012 | 1 Rating | Views: 3592
The Civil War Uncovered - Episode 5

On a moment's notice The Civil War Uncovered team were offered the chance to explore hallowed ground, the northeastern corner of the New Market Battlefield. In 1864 this was a pivotal action in the Shenandoah Valley. Today a small portion of the battle ground is in private hands, and it has been heavily hunted over the years. We spent two half afternoons exploring the site, and Relic Bob with his trusty Minelab GPX 4800 did not let us down.

| 15 Jun 2012 | 1 Rating | Views: 3927
The Civil War Uncovered Episode 4

In this episode our crew searches a Civil War battle site that has been scoured for years by metal detectorists, on the site of the final face off of the Mine Run Campaign. We did three short visits, one in August and two in December of 2011, and found interesting items each time!

| 01 Feb 2012 | 1 Rating | Views: 3709
The Civil War Uncovered Episode 3

Union forces were closing in on remnants of the Confederate Army, and 10,000 Union Calvary soldiers were advancing down the James River, destroying everything in sight and closing off the major transportation route that the James River had offered to the Confederate Army for four years. 

The Civil War Uncovered team dug through the historical archives and asked around within the local community. A clue was uncovered, and the team had a chance to take the Minelab metal detectors out on private property.

| 16 Dec 2011 | 1 Rating | Views: 4888
The Civil War Uncovered Episode 2

In the winter of 1863-1864 the front line was on the Rapidan River, and in Episode 2 of The Civil War Uncovered we hunt a Confederate Artillery encampment associated with fortifications overlooking a major ford of the Rapidan River!

You are brought right into the field with our crew as they seek remnants of the American Civil War. The series follows the adventures of dedicated relic hunters and history enthusiasts as they uncover Civil War artifacts that have not seen the light of day for 150 years. Our searches are conducted only on private property with the permission and participation of the landowners. And ALL relics are returned to the landowner.

| 16 Nov 2011 | 1 Rating | Views: 4044
The Civil War Uncovered Episode 1

In August 2011, the producers of Minelab’s exclusive video series “The Civil War Uncovered” received an invitation to metal detect on private property in Culpeper County (Virginia) where portions of the 1st US Calvary were camped during the Civil War. This was an amazing opportunity to find 150 year old Civil War relics. The property owner agreed to let us hunt for just one hour. Bob Painter (Relic Bob) and I met on the property about an hour before sunset. Bob has almost 4 decades of relic hunting experience and uses a Minelab GPX 4800. I was no match for Bob’s decades of experience, so I armed myself with a GPX 5000 to reduce the handicap.

| 27 Oct 2011 | 2 Ratings | Views: 4950
GPX Series for Civil War relic hunting

GPX Series metal detectors are not only highly capable of detecting gold at great depth, they are also excellent for finding US Civil War relics deeper than any other metal detector. This is especially true in mineralised ground. In this video learn how to set up a GPX Series metal detector for hunting US Civil War relics. Download the video.

Download the Soil/Timing icons, graph and chart (pdf)

| 30 Mar 2011 | 4 Ratings | Views: 15232
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