30 Jun 2012

Treasure Hunt - Rainbow Haven Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

Minelab supporters Christian (12 years old) and his dad Shawn Thompson love Treasure Hunting so much, they have organized an event to meet other Treasure Hunters and promote the hobby in east coast Canada!

Hosted by Chris Detecting and proudly sponsored by Minelab Canada here is a short description about the event so far....

We will be having a fun metal detecting hunt. We will provide a map and directions soon. We are planning short 5-10 minute beach hunts for each person, and at the end we will tally up and see who gets the most penny's and dimes.

It is our hopes that we will have enough Detectors available for everyone or are happy to will take turns, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to participate. This is a great way to see if you and your son and or daughter would like to Treasure Hunt as their hobby. As a father of three, I can state that its a good way spend time with your kids.

Each attendee will recieve a Minelab baseball cap, a Go Minelabbing T-Shirt, a re-usable Minelab Treasure/trash bag and a chance to win a Minelab Metal Detector.

If you would like to participate or further support their event (and they do need some help), please feel free to visit their information page here.

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