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Target Signal Analysis Part 2: The three cons

July 23, 2013 05:00pm

When learning your detector's personality someone invariably chimes in with the, "you have to dig it all comment". The implied fear is that by using sound/display to selectively dig targets you may walk over the find of a lifetime. Thus I would like to address this ever present warning about "digging it all". I like to look at the three cons: The first con is context: It is simply where are your hunting and what are the conditions? Are you at the beach where digging it all is relatively easy and signals can be few and far between? Are you detecting in a lake that is very trashy with countless bits of foil and metal? Are you in a park where there are pieces of can slaw from cans that have been run over by lawn mowers. Also part of Context is when you are hunting? Is it a beach cut near a known wreck site after a big storm? Or is it a small creek site you have discovered way off the tracks that has never been detected? Context is everything!

Posted by Tony Diana on July 23, 2013 05:00pm | 0 Comments
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