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Trusting your metal detector

April 27, 2010 09:21am

I start most electronic prospecting seminars with a few simple questions, how many of you have found gold, how many of you continually find gold and how many of you truly trust your metal detector?
The answers to these questions offer an incredible insight to how people hunt and their thought process.
The folks that have found a little gold will generally say they do not trust their metal detector completely but the folks that find gold on a regular basis trust their machines completely.
And herein lays one of the most important elements to becoming a success with a metal detector. You have to trust that the metal detector...

Posted by on April 27, 2010 09:21am | 1 Comment

How deep would you dig?

April 19, 2010 02:22pm

It’s a fair question, right?

Me, I’m inherently lazy and don’t like digging deep holes but, when I’m testing a metal detector well, enough said…I have to dig everything!

I love when the metal detector “shows me” the target is not going to be too deep!
But then, how often do you get fooled by something like a huge piece of iron or a large piece of “dross” and the signal sounds just so good you have to keep digging.

OK…the thought of just leaving it might occur to you. But then...

Posted by Des Dunne on April 19, 2010 02:22pm | 5 Comments

BASIC RESEARCH - Your key to gold

April 12, 2010 09:51am

I am sure most people have heard the saying, “Gold is where you find it” and in my experience, I couldn’t agree more. However, in my opinion, what is more useful is the opposite of that saying, which is: “You will never find a nugget, where there are no nuggets buried in the ground!” Let’s be honest, you will have a much better chance of picking up a nugget or two if you are detecting in a historical gold area, rather than the local park!

Posted by Nenad Lonic on April 12, 2010 09:51am | 3 Comments


April 06, 2010 03:37pm

Welcome to Treasure Talk, Minelab's metal detecting blog. We've handpicked our very best and most knowledgeable staff to present regular metal detecting blogs on topics close to their heart. Plus we're asking you to join in and make it a conversation.
Our chosen few will be sharing their product knowledge, detecting experience, personal tips and tricks and anything else they want to discuss that might be of interest to the detecting community.
So who are our chosen few? Let me introduce them...

Posted by Brenton O'Brien on April 06, 2010 03:37pm | 9 Comments
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