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Treasure Talk

Diary of our trip to Croatia 2014 - Part VI

November 11, 2014 08:25pm

We had spent the morning at the Celtic Hoard site, most signals had been retrieved but a few had been left as they were deep. It was a great morning but we had to stop as there was a meeting arranged at the museum for the afternoon. This isn’t unusual, technically we were working for the museum as volunteers, at least that’s what it said on our permits. On the last day we hand over all our bagged and data-logged finds complete with findspots. Today was different though. We had liaised closely with the museum and Hrvoje during the week and all our finds had been handed over with the exception of the ones we had recovered that morning.  So why the meeting? 

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Why Every Dry Blower Owner Ought to Purchase an SDC2300

November 06, 2014 11:51am

This summer I’ve been using my SDC 2300 for patch hunting and cleaning and just recently found a couple concentrations of small nuggets a few hundred yards apart. I recovered nuggets from these patches as small as 0.03 to 0.05 grams (some very small gold indeed), but I still wondered if there was even smaller gold present as well in the gravels of these nugget patches. 

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Diary of our trip to Croatia 2014 - Part V

November 04, 2014 09:15pm

Thursday morning we sat outside in the warm Croatian spring sunshine, drinking coffee, discussing the possibilities of the day.  We heard the familiar sound of Steves Landrover approaching and ordered a coffee for him. As we sat Steve gave us some exciting news, the Museum had asked if we would go and have a look at a field where someone had been spotted detecting but nothing had been reported to them as having come from there. The Museum wanted to know what the field held.

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Diary of our trip to Croatia 2014 - Part IV

October 29, 2014 08:33pm

Wednesday started early and so did the rain. The soil in the part of Croatia we were in isn’t the best to walk on when it’s wet, it turns very greasy. So our first call was the market, always worth a visit.  It’s a traditional sort of market where you can buy anything from a jar of honey to a lorry load of wood and anything in between. Not exactly what we’re here for but  a nice interlude.  Whilst we were at the market we bought some flowers and a gooseberry bush to be planted at Steve Gaunts vikenica (vickenitsa) or weekend cottage.  So we did that, grabbed some pastrys for lunch and headed for the cottage.There was another reason for going there: just beyond the cottage is a field with some nice black patches that show up on Google earth. That had to be worth a look, especially as the rain had stopped and the sun was drying the fields quickly.

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Diary of our trip to Croatia 2014 - Part III

October 21, 2014 09:40pm


In the middle of Vinkovci there is a large archaeological dig happening.  They believe that the site is that of a temple, it spans four centuries.  It is just over the road from the site where the Vinkovci treasure consisting of 34 high quality silver plates was found a few years ago. We had an invitation to visit the site and to search with our CTX 3030’s …. It would be rude to refuse that sort of invitation!

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Diary of our trip to Croatia 2014 - Part II

October 14, 2014 01:42am

Monday started at 7:00am.  We first had to meet up with Hrvoje Vulic, the chief archaeologist at Vinkovci Museum to be briefed on the conditions of our permits and then on the methodology for the days work. We were to search the site with the CTX3030’s using the on board GPS and data logging to show the position of each signal. The signal would then be excavated by a technician who would bag and tag it with the find point number.  Once the area had been searched the technicians would identify the area of highest concentration and excavate it by around 6” (150mm) while we searched the spoil for any coins that may have been missed. Then we were to search the area again and the process would be repeated. We were excited, although this wasn’t the site we had come to search we had found four coins on the surface and the site hadn’t been metal detected before. The indications were good.

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Diary of our trip to Croatia 2014 - Part I

October 07, 2014 12:35am

Myself and Gordon Heritage left the U.K. at around 8:00p.m. on Friday and drove 1,250 miles in a little under 24 hours.  Having two drivers really does cut the travelling time down even if Gordon does find my snoring a huge distraction whilst he takes his turn at the wheel!

Our mission is to follow up on a hoard of mediaeval silver coins.  The original hoard was found by Steve Gaunt who is our host, contact and chief protector on this trip.  The hoard comprises of coins of King Sigismund and Queen Maria.   It sounds a simple mission but in reality it involves a lot of permissions.  Due to the cultural laws in Croatia there were hoops that we had to “jump through” in order for this trip to go ahead.  First, we needed an authorisation from the Croatian Ministry of Culture for us to search for items of historical or cultural importance. 

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Please welcome Richard Lincoln to Treasure Talk

October 01, 2014 08:36pm

I would like to welcome Richard Lincoln to Treasure Talk. Last year, I was on a detecting trip in Croatia with Richard and he will be writing a blog series about this for you all to enjoy. But, before we get to this, here is an introduction from Richard about himself and how he got started in detecting:

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Modes to Find the Deep Gold

September 15, 2014 02:21pm

Just in case you have not heard the news yet, the versatile waterproof CTX 3030 is more than just a master of discrimination on the beach and in the shallow water.

Posted by Gary Drayton on September 15, 2014 02:21pm | 3 Comments

SDC 2300 – Experiences from the Arizona Goldfields (Part 2)

August 15, 2014 11:56pm

The following day I returned to the patch and decided to stay out of the main “run” and instead focus on the fringes of the patch that were covered in heavy scrub. The thick oak brush and Manzanita made it virtually impossible to work with a large diameter coil. The constant snags and hang-ups were beyond frustrating, but this brush provided the perfect hiding place for a few more nuggets. By the end of the day I left with scratches on my arms, but not empty handed. Careful searching produced four small bits of gold for a total weight of only 0.5 grams; the deepest of which was roughly four inches. The SDC’s 8” monoloop coil was easy to maneuver around the brush, and its solid design kept it from getting snagged on the many low hanging branches. I feel it will be a good choice for working most of the central Arizona goldfields. 

Posted by Chris Gholson on August 15, 2014 11:56pm | 0 Comments
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