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Randy Horton

Randy Digger Horton

Randy (or Digger as he’s known) has been metal detecting in the Central US for over 38 years and has a passion for finding old coins at old sites. In addition to performing field tests for several manufacturers (including the Minelab X-TERRA Series), he also serves as Moderator on the X-TERRA forum at Find's Treasure Forums. Digger has written several articles, and enjoys sharing his thoughts and tips on various aspects of the hobby. His detectors of choice include the X-TERRA, E-TRAC and Musketeer Advantage.

Randy's X-TERRA 705 recently led him to recover an extremely rare 1877 Indian Cent, a valuable find that earned him recognition in Western and Eastern Treasure's Annual “Best Finds” Issue.

digger 1877 indian head find 

In July of 2010, good fortune struck again as Randy uncovered yet another 1877 Indian Head Cent with his E-TRAC. Finding one is an outstanding accomplishment. Finding another is simply unheard of. Randy may say "it's all in the hunt".


CTX 3030 – Using Combined Audio (Revisited)

June 19, 2015 05:42pm

A common question that arises from time-to-time on many of the online forums is:

Will I get more “nulling” when using Combined audio? 

Posted by Randy Horton on June 19, 2015 05:42pm | 0 Comments

Advantages of the Coiltek 10” x 5” CTX Coil

April 17, 2015 08:03pm

Are you spending too much time digging those deeply buried nails?  Here are some ways you can fine-tune your techniques, when using the Coiltek 10”’ x 5” elliptical coil for the C TX3030.

Posted by Randy Horton on April 17, 2015 08:03pm | 2 Comments

CTX 3030 Target Separation... more than a random choice

June 28, 2013 10:35am

The CTX 3030 incorporates four different Target Separation options... Low Trash, High Trash, Ferrous-Coin and Ground-Coin. Selecting the proper Target Separation option will allow you to optimize the signal processing of your CTX 3030, to best match your site.

Posted by Randy Horton on June 28, 2013 10:35am | 3 Comments

Three new X-TERRA coils from Coiltek

November 16, 2012 12:01pm

A little over a year ago, Minelab authorized Coiltek Manufacturing to produce the 15-inch All Terrain 7.5 kHz DD coil for the X-TERRA. Since its release, the medium frequency 15-inch X-TERRA coil has been proving its capabilities to coin-shooters and cache hunters across the globe. However, recognizing that there are many other forms of “treasure hunting”, Coiltek continued working with Minelab in an effort to develop additional coils for the X-TERRA lineup. These efforts have paid off in the form of three addition X-TERRA coils. They include a new 15-inch All Terrain Double-D at 3 kHz, a 15-inch All Terrain Double-D at 18.75 kHz and a small 6-inch Double-D at 3 kHz.

Posted by Randy Horton on November 16, 2012 12:01pm | 3 Comments

Which X-TERRA coil is best for me? - Part 4

July 11, 2012 10:16am


So where will you be hunting? Do you need a waterproof coil, or is water resistant enough?

According to Minelab, waterproof means it is submersible to one meter, making it ideal for shallow water hunting.

The X-TERRA coils that are considered waterproof include the 6-inch concentric at 7.5 kHz, the 6-inch Double-D at 18.75 kHz, the 9-inch concentric at 3 kHz, the 9-inch concentric at 7.5 kHz and the 9-inch concentric at 18.75 kHz.

Posted by Randy Horton on July 11, 2012 10:16am | 3 Comments

CTX 3030 Multiple hunt modes at your fingertips

June 07, 2012 11:18am

Have you ever wished you could pull up a new set of hunt parameters, without having to go through the entire menu process? The CTX 3030 offers you that ability and more, with two features; Previous Mode and the ability to cycle through two Discrimination Patterns.

Posted by Randy Horton on June 07, 2012 11:18am | 0 Comments

CTX 3030 Target Trace / Pinpoint Trace - Smartfind 2 - visually identifying multiple targets

May 28, 2012 11:42am

Those familiar with FBS technology are certainly aware of the information provided on the Smartfind screen. But in my opinion, the FBS2 technology supporting the CTX 3030 takes that to a whole new level. Smartfind 2 not only allows the user to see multiple targets under the coil simultaneously, the functionality known as “Target Trace” signifies the signal strength of each target with color coding. Both “Target Trace” and “Target Trace Pinpoint” can be activated by “long pressing” (3 seconds) the Detect button. You then simply scroll down and check the box to activate each mode.

Posted by Randy Horton on May 28, 2012 11:42am | 2 Comments

Combined Tone ID Profile on the CTX 3030 – The best of both worlds

May 23, 2012 04:13pm

In my previous Treasure Talk blog post, I discussed new CTX 3030 functionality that allows the user to map the parameters of ferrous or conductive audio tones. The Combined Tone ID Profile allows the user to hear a combination of both ferrous and conductive tones. And, with the additional functionality provided by the CTX 3030, we can set the parameters for each.

Posted by Randy Horton on May 23, 2012 04:13pm | 2 Comments

CTX 3030 Tone ID Profiles – Modifying target response parameters for your hunt

May 16, 2012 03:06pm

The CTX 3030 allows the user to hear an audio response based on either the ferrous or conductive properties of the target. It also offers the choice of hearing a single tone for all targets, two tones, four tones or multiple tones. (Multiple tone = 35 ferrous or 50 conductive) In addition, the CTX 3030 user also has the ability to adjust both ferrous and conductive parameters by “resizing” each target group. This is done via simple programming in the Tone ID Profile.

Posted by Randy Horton on May 16, 2012 03:06pm | 5 Comments

The Future of Discovery…

May 11, 2012 10:01am

Beginning as a concept of “want lists”, the CTX 3030 has evolved into a metal detector that will change the manner in which we engage this hobby. With a dedication to thinking “outside the box”, Minelab has taken those ideas and implemented them into a new multi-faceted detector known as the CTX 3030.

Posted by Randy Horton on May 11, 2012 10:01am | 4 Comments
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