Extreme TREASURE performance

Excalibur II

08 Oct 2015

Forza Fiorentina....

Excalibur II


Here's another episode ... looking unobtainable ring my friend, naturally in the sea water and continues the struggle between my metal I use to research in the usual area ...
this time the Excalibur had available a few targets to dig because the whole area I've already beaten and cleared of various metal junk .. (a bit of ecology never hurts .. !!!) ...
targets were still more than a few coins euro .. (but how many there are ?? people throw coins into the water ??) a nice 'silver ring of the Florentine (famous football team that plays in the top division of A league..)...
oh well better than nothing ....
Thanks again !!!! Minelab
The fight .. (sorry ...) the search continues ...


Daniwolf69 – Tuscany, Italy

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01 Oct 2015

Diamond Ring Artcarved



I have found in Croatia a ring and there was a mark inside with artcarveds.
I would like to find the owner of the ring.
Maybe you can help me and we can find the owner.
Inside it is a mark 18k/Plat Artcarveds 1/2 T.W LOVE ERIJA


Cromen - Zadarska Zupanija, Croatia

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26 Sep 2015

From the sand ... always beautiful things ..

Excalibur II


This morning I was at sea, searching for a link in a friend lost ... in a meter and a half meters of water (which I still have not recovered ..)
This output is the second in the water with my new Excalibur II ...
Put your suit and equipment are switched to "scour" an area where I think it's hidden and where I recovered several coins .. (10 cents, 20 cents, 50 centsesimi, a euro, two euro ..) in a couple other outings with my Ctx ....
After recovering even some older 200 and 100 pounds .. !!! .. and after a coin two rubles .. !!?, Check here almost in succession a ring with Roman numerals .., cute but I think steel? then a faith women in white gold (7g) .. !!! and then another steel ring? ...
How can they say the owners of other metal that the Minelab Excalibur II is not the best metal underwater ??
Thanks again
Minelab !!!!


Daniwolf69 – Tuscany, Italy

08 Jun 2015

Could not believe my eyes

Excalibur II

minelab metal detector find big ring in water.jpg

Hi my name is wayne, & last summer i was detecting on my local beach which i have been detecting for 20 years or more, when i come across a signal after two hours of detecting nothing, And then bang i had church bells ringing in my ears using my best friend Excalibur 2 ,so i scooped out about 17"inches in the wet sand & to my amazement there it was glittering in the sun with the biggest blue stone i have ever seen in any of the rings i have found .this ring was 18 k 23 grams & the stone was a polished Persian sapphire $$$$ best find on beach ever.


Waggman - England, UK

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03 Jun 2015

I joined the Platinum Club.

Excalibur II

minelab metal detector finds more rings.jpg

Saturday May 30th My buddy Rob and I went to the water for a hunt. We hunted 2 beaches and both found some goodies. The first beach I found 3 925 rings and 1 was a girls class ring. We went to the second after a few hours and Rob reminded me that he found 4 gold items there Thursday. I told him that was ok because I wanted Platinum not gold. LOL Well in chest deep water I scored my first ever Platinum ring!!! It weighs 8 grams. I got some clad and the usual trash as well as 1 more junk aluminium ring.


Wilddigger – Georgia, USA

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20 May 2015

18 kt. Gold and Palladium ring recover at the lake of Garda

Excalibur II

minelab metal detector finds ring finder.jpg

It was a pleasure for me to recover the lost ring and deliver it to Martin who has been very happy to repossess an object of great sentimental value, but above all was wonderful visit a place of the old Italy so suggestive and charming.

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20 Dec 2013

Rare Blacksmith Token

Excalibur II


Found with my Excalibur II on the same site a rare token bust and harp 1820. bl:36 in book Charlton Canada colonial token.

One jewels of trade of fur. John Kinzie started in the Indian fur trade about 1780.


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14 Dec 2013

Christmas comes early this year, thanks to Excalibur II!

Excalibur II


his year I haven't been able to get out very often between work and some health problems. So I spent my time doing research on places to detect, which lead me to a little out of the way beach only a couple of hours drive from my home that looked promising. I was working the low tide area late at night and had been detecting for 4hrs, finding a few coins, junk jewelry, pull tabs and fishing sinkers. I was getting tired but I knew the sinkers were a good sign. I heard a very faint signal, after numerous attempts with my scoop in waist deep water I was rewarded with the glint of gold in the scoop. I plucked out a nice Man's ring gold and diamond, 18K weighing 11.3 grams with a nice diamond in the center 3 small diamonds on each side. I was instantly refreshed and continued my search for another 15 minutes, when I heard another faint signal. Again after several attempts with my scoop in waist deep water, my headlamp caught the flash of gold in the scoop and there was another Man's gold & diamond ring, again a nice diamond in the center 10 small diamond chips on each side 18K and 9.1 grams. I couldn't believe that I found not one but two Men's Gold and Diamond Rings. I continued working area for another hour until I was worn out. I found a small copper ring and almost 10 dollars in change for my efforts. There is nothing like that feeling when you see a gold ring at the bottom of your scoop especially when you are alone on secluded beach late night!


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27 Nov 2013

Everyday I'm Shuffling

Excalibur II


In my 2yrs of shuffling (detecting) I've learn lots of things such as where would the items be... shuffle where no one dares, such as muddy areas. Quitting my job to do full time a detectorist is no joke, income would be unstable as sometimes you gets nothing except for coins to survive. Study the place that you shuffle from back to the old days. I've met all kinds of things such as something swimming in between your leg at night, crab biting your boots, big fish jumping beside you. Worst of all places that you know someone is walking beside you but there's nobody. 

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27 Nov 2013

Excalibur II finds Plastic Hoard on 1st trip to the beach

Excalibur II


After a few decades of off and on metal detecting (cheap machines), and seriously in the last few years (Minelab Safari), I got the itch to water hunt. So naturally I got an Excalibur II and ran it thru its paces a few times before heading for the nearest beach (8 hours away) in South Carolina. While hunting at low tide one morning about 50 yards from shore in 4' of water, I got a strong signal (disc = 1, sensitivity = 5-6, thresh = barely audible, volume = max) and proceeded to dig and dig and dig until I finally recovered a nylon purse stuffed absolutely full of credit/gift/rewards /etc cards at a depth of over a foot. Luckily the owner also had 2 house keys in the purse or I would have passed right over this plastic treasure trove! The downside of this find was that I didn’t have any way of carrying my the bulky thing around and had to quit detecting for the morning.

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28 Oct 2013

Playa Mujeres-Cancun, Mexico (Vacation)

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - gold ring

I debated taking a metal detector on my vacation to Playa Mujeres Cancun Mexico, but opted to pack up the Excalibur II and see if it could learn to speak Spanish.

As relaxation kept me pre-occupied, I waited until the last day of my vacation to break out the Excalibur II. I spent a little less than 4 hours playing around in about 3 foot of clear water. The bottom was surprising clean, and most finds were of interest.

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24 Oct 2013

Summer adventure in Italy

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - rings

Winner of Find of the Month - October, 2013

For the summer 2013 I really enjoyed myself and I visited many beautiful places, my project was to travel through Italy from north to south and come back, my travel start alone, with my old car a Honda Crx and my new Minelab Excalibur II with the Straight Shaft. The idea was to visit many places, exploring different seas and beaches; to stop in B&B, or in camping with my igloo tent or for the last choice to stay under the stars , spending all the time of my holidays in metal detecting.

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26 Aug 2013

Gold ring

Excalibur II

Excalibur II with gold ring

First gold ring with diamond in the beach, I used the Excalibur II, that I win in the last Go Minelabbing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Uruka- Estado de São Paulo, Brazil

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08 Aug 2013

Excalibur II Finds Silver Cache

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - silver

In early August 2013 I was contacted by an elderly couple asking for my help. It seems that 30 years ago they had buried a cache of silver bars on their farm but for the last several years, as memories fade, they were unable to find the exact location of their treasure. They had spent many months digging in the most probable area and had even been helped by a friend with a metal detector.

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06 Aug 2013

Wedding Band Recovery

Excalibur II

Metal detector finds ring

Was out on the beach with the family today. I brought the Excalibur II along since low tide was around 12:30. Did some hunting in the water and the wet sand with very little results. So packed up the family a little while later and loaded up the truck to head back home.

As I was pulling out, my phone rang and it was a buddy of mine who happens to be a police officer in the town where I work. He asked if I was around and I said sure am, what's up? He was out with a couple and family that had lost two white gold / diamond wedding bands.

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29 Jul 2013

Cherished ring returned

Excalibur II

Metal detector finds - ring

One of the best moments for a metal detectorist is when he is able to return a lost wedding band to the owner. A week ago a young family ambushed me as I was coming off Skaket Beach on Cape Cod, MA. My Excalibur II was on my shoulder after having done its work. I had just found a nice large sterling necklace and was calling it quits for the night. The wife explained that she had lost her wedding band there the evening before.

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29 Jul 2013

Detecting on the beaches of Cap d’Adge

Excalibur II

Excalibur II with coins

Some very beautiful finds on the beaches in South of France. The beaches of Cap d’Agde in the Mediterranean sea. Lots of money in euro and several French Francs.

Supermamane - Languedoc-Roussillon, France

23 Jul 2013

Excalibur II finds rare gold medal at Chicago beach

Excalibur II

Metal detector finds - 14k gold medal

I recently travelled to Chicago with my hunting buddy to do some water hunting at the beaches there. Within one hour of hitting the water the first day I pulled this heavy 14k gold initial ring(12.1 grams).

On our second day hunting, I pulled the small antique 10k gold ring.

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08 Jul 2013

Returned ring lost in 1965

Excalibur II

Metal detector finds - 1965 class ring

Hunting beach haven beach front 2 weeks ago i found a high school ring in the surf at about 12" down... it was a class ring from 1965 missing the stone. Inside of the ring was the initials K.G.E. 111. The ring was from Haddon Township, New Jersey.

After calling the school, they were able to give me the name of the ring owner. It was Karl Englung, and I tracked him down to Oklahoma were he moved years ago and called but no answer, so i left him a message.

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12 Jun 2013

Hooked for life

Excalibur II

Metal detector finds - gold ring

It was my 4th hunt with my Excalibur II in waist deep salt water in a very busy beach in Cyprus when I heard this exclusive deep sound of the Excalibur II which suggested that something interesting was down there.

I used my Sunspot 720 stealth scoop and while the fine sand was leaving the scoop, I saw this shiny yellow gold ring. it's an 18 karat 7.5 grams gold ring!!! This experience hooked me in the Minelab detectors for life!

Kallis - Cyprus

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17 Apr 2013

A new challenge

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - gold rings

Asia and one in South Korea is a country that just started metal detecting now.

History of detection is not as much can detect hidden waters.

Excalibur II with moments that'll Hounslow.

Excalibur II is consistent confidence and accurate judgment are always helping. Detection just started to fashion, many more possibilities and adventures await

Lee Yong Jun - South Korea

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18 Mar 2013

Find of a lifetime

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - platinum and diamond ring

My wife and I went detecting at a favorite beach of ours. I was detecting where the rocks are that go out into the water, when I got a solid signal. About 10 inches down was a large man's ring.

Well it turned out to be a Platinum and Diamond ring. It has 11 Diamonds at .13 carats each. The ring weighs a whopping 16.5 grams. My appraisal just came in while I was typing this, it's worth a whopping $ 5,400.00. Love my Excalibur II.

Gary - CT, USA

06 Mar 2013

Minelab, Thank you!

E-TRAC, Excalibur II, Sovereign Elite

Metal detecting finds - relics

Thanks to my Minelab detectors, I can have a great display closet in my room.

Found with first the Sovereign Elite, and now E-TRAC and Excalibur II. The displays are my Roman, Celtic and Medieval finds.

Minelab keep up the great work making great machines, we will do the digging.

Best regards

Rob - Zeeland, Netherlands

13 Feb 2013

Gold at last

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - 1957 gold class ring

I was behind a friend's garage and was with my Minelab Excalibur II. On my third dig of the day, I saw a gold band. I thought it was a wedding ring, but it was actually a heavy 1957 high school class ring from Maryland.

It was crazy! It weighed 11.75 grams and was worth over $250. The initials R.S.C. were on the ring, and the person who lived near the barn had the same initials and went to that high school. He didn't give me anything, but he sure was happy to get it back.

That was my first major find with my Minelab Excalibur II.

Hunter - MA, USA

01 Feb 2013

After the storm

Excalibur II


Winner of Find of the Month - February 2013

I am living in Russia , I have used an Excalibur for more than ten years with a great deal of success . In 2011 I was on vacation with my wife, at a popular resort town on the black sea coast. While we were there , a big storm came that lasted 4 days. After the storm I went detecting in the water with my Excalibur II, I was finding a lot of coins and silver rings and the usual stuff, lots of lead and bullets.

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17 Jan 2013

My Excalibur II

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - rings

I have been a Whites kind of guy for the past 8 years, using the DFX to search the beaches here on Maui. But not until February 2011, did I go (finally) into the water. The beaches here on Maui are slowly being well searched by other MD'ers, so the pickings here are ever so slowly being a lot less than before. So I decided to go into the water to better the chances. Most MD'ers here go at night, but I don't like doing that since there is an increase in car break ins. So I go strictly during the day.

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11 Oct 2012

Leprechaun's Pot of Gold/Platinum

Excalibur II


Every good Irishman knows there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The rainbow pictured led me directly to a beach on Cape Cod, MA, USA. I not only found gold and silver there this summer, but also the massive ½ Ounce Platinum and diamond ring shown in the foreground of the pot ‘o rings picture. I actually found this ring with the rainbow directly overhead - A beautiful setting for a beautiful ring!

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04 Oct 2012

A one in a million find

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - Lewes Beach artifact

This story begins in 2011 when I started metal detecting the beach in Lewes, Delaware.

Lewes Beach is the site of an Army Corps of Engineers beach replenishment project that took place in the fall of 2004. During the project, the dredge went directly through a shipwreck off the inlet and deposited artifacts of all types on the beach. Pottery, window glass, jettons (which are small German counting coins), and various brass items were among the mix of treasure. The beach was immediately closed for a couple of months.

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14 Sep 2012

29 grams of gold in 2 days!

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - gold rings and pendant

Video Success Story

On 3 different hunting excursions. The first one I came away with a 5.7 gram 14k gold ring. The next day with my buddy I hit pay dirt. A 14k gold 10.8 gram medallion, a 14k gold 6.5 gram ring and a 14k gold 2.2 gram charm.

My buddy wasn't finding any gold so when we were about to continue I told him to go first ahead of me where we stopped.

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28 Aug 2012

Rings found and returned

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - diamond rings

Last week while away in Calgary we had an email from David White. He informed us that while swimming in Shaha Lake near the solar calendar with his wife Eileen, she noticed that her two wedding rings were missing. They searched and sifted the area but without success.

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22 Aug 2012

My oldest find yet

Excalibur II

Metal detecting finds - 1800s relic

It was my first time hunting in the water. Just purchased detector 2 weeks ago. Found my oldest find yet, 1800s. It reads Knight Templar Hoc Signo Vinces. Thank you Minelab!

Helen Walker - Maryland, USA

30 Jul 2012

Happy Returns - 2 Ring Recovery

Excalibur II

The Seaside Heights Beach Patrol would like to thank Mr. Vincent Casablanca for his outstanding job in helping one of our beach patrons recover her wedding ban and wedding ring on Sunday July, 22, 2012. It was great moment on our beach this season.

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30 Jul 2012

Pure gold ring - marked 9999 - my first ever

Excalibur II

Metal detector finds - 24k gold ring

Video Success Story

Decided to hunt on the Chesapeake bay today and not the ocean front at va beach. right move for me. I hunted what we call the land of gray matter because we all find many, many fishing lead sinker like today, but some nice yellow slipped out of the lead today. a good spin today - stand by.

va beach max - Virginia, USA

18 Jul 2012

One of my heaviest ever

Excalibur II

Metal detector finds - 13.8 gram 14K white gold ring

Video Success Story

Went detecting on the Chesapeake bay on Sunday - I call it surfchurch.

Excalibur II hit many targets Sunday, so good and 1 really nice heavy white gold bank. one of my heaviest ever.

va beach max - Virginia, USA

11 Jul 2012

A big hug for my Minelab

Excalibur II

Class ring returned to owner

I have always been interested in metal detecting. I was in the Army for 22 yrs and during that time I fooled around with an old coin master.

After I retired, I was diagnosed with COPD and found it difficult to walk around in hot weather. I bought a Minelab Excalibur II so that I could go into the water, it was easier for me and good exercise.

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31 May 2012

Awesome Piece of History!

Excalibur II

metal detector find - Knights Templar 25th degree Masonic  watch fob and chain - usa

Recently, I was hunting at a New Hampshire beach with my Excalibur II, and 5 minutes in I got my first signal which turned out to be an encrusted Mercury dime. I thought to myself this is going to be a good day. I just put it in my pouch and kept on swinging. At that point I decided to head into the water. I looked down and saw a piece of aluminum trash, I scooped it up and put it in my trash pouch like any good detectorist would.

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21 May 2012

Paid for My Detector


metal detector find - 23k gold thai necklace - germany

Last thing I said to my wife before leaving to hunt was (half-joking), “I’d just like to find enough to pay for my detector.” Little did I know I was about to do just that!

Flashback to the previous week. We went to our favorite park to enjoy some ice cream and to our surprise we found the park lake drained. There was only a small stream of water running through the center of a now dry lakebed. My wife, a lifelong resident of the area, remarked that she could not remember ever having seen the lake empty. Of course, my attention was immediately drawn to the freshly exposed beach area…I couldn’t stop thinking that there HAS to be something in all that sand and I wanted to be the one to find it.

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20 May 2012

Excalibur II Saves the Wedding!

Excalibur II

metal detector find - Marc with wedding rings - usa

Winner of Find of the Month - May 2012

I was out on my boat having a great day when I got a call from the guy who owns our local metal detector shop. He said that he got a call from a couple who were taking wedding pictures an hour before their wedding and the best man happened to lose both the bride and grooms rings somewhere in a field where they were all taking pictures. I got the call at about 4:15pm and the wedding was at 5pm. 

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11 May 2012

Very Exciting!

Excalibur II

metal detector finds - underwater - africa

I’ve always been a bit of an adventurer and shipwrecks have a special allure for me. So, a few weeks ago, I bought an Excalibur II from Wolfgang Roux in Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you Mr. Roux for your professional service, patient help and great advice!

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26 Apr 2012

Finds with Excalibur II in South of Finistère

Excalibur II

metal detector find - rings and coins - france

English Translation from French

As a beachcombing enthusiast for years and after cleaning all the beaches around my home with many types of detectors, I had the good idea to buy a Minelab Excalibur II in order to avoid my detector always getting “sunk” by a wave or a heavy shower.

But I didn’t expect that this waterproof metal detector would have such amazing performance! Not only did I find with it several rings in wet sand, but I have also been amazed to see its performance on dry sand.

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30 Mar 2012

Best Ring I have Ever Found

Excalibur II

metal detector find - dimond ring - usa

I hit my usual beach that I had been detecting for many Weeks, I had meet a few of my buddys that day at low tide, the beach was full of tourist and beach goers that day. I had just stepped onto the water line, the same water line that I have hunted many many times, I got a great sound that I like to hear... nice and deep too, about 3 scoops out pops this nice ring. Best ring I've found, jeweler says 9000.00 to 12000.00 dollars...

John - Ohio, USA

30 Mar 2012

One Year Detecting Anniversary!

Excalibur II

metal detector find - beach finds - usa

Hunting the south jersey beaches was a little slow this summer as we hadn't had many storms that brings on good beach hunting due to beach errosion. My Excalibur II has great depth and finding small jewerly t is a plus for this great machine.

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29 Mar 2012

Almost Paid For Itself In One Week

Excalibur II

metal detector find - gold ring - usa

Got my new Excalibur II March 9th. The first week hunting the New Jersey shore I dug a 13.5 gram platinum wedding band and a 7.6 gram 14 Karat gold band! My machine has almost paid for itself in one week! Best on the market.

Mike S. - NJ, USA

10 Mar 2012

Great Success with the Excalibur II

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Silver  - USA

My hunting buddy and I went on a little two day trip to an out of the way spot up north to do some water hunting. As soon as I got in the water with my Excalibur II the targets were hitting left and right! My first good target was an old wheat penny, I knew right then it was gonna be a great day!

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25 Feb 2012

More Precious than Gold

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Wedding Ring - USA

Winner of Find of the Month - Febuary 2012

I am only 4 hours new to metal detecting, and had not used one before in my life. The first thing I found was a wheat penny from 1958 that was buried 7 inches at a park near my home back in Riverside, California. I purchased a Minelab Excalibur II that was gently used with the intention to start searching for lost treasures at the beach. I had no idea that I would be using it to find treasures that had been lost within my family nearly forty years before.

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11 Jan 2012

Bracelet In Bulgaria

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Army Bracelet - Bulgaria

Hello, here is my interesting discovery.. the beach of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Bracelet found in the water of dead U.S. soldier in Iraq, with names and date via the Internet I could find a woman dead and a soldier and I will send it. I do not know how he got this bracelet in Bulgaria, but it will go where it belonged.

Daniel Krastev - Nesebar, Bulgaria

27 Dec 2011

All in One Trip!

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Coins and Jewellery - USA

I have found a lot of great things both in the ground, and in the water in 2011. My best coin ever is a 1942 over 41 Mercury Dime found in April of this year, my best water find was a group of finds found during a three day water hunting trip to Lake Michigan. I found almost three troy ounces of gold, and a lot of silver coins and jewelry. Look at the pic of the group of items I am submitting. Everything was found in that one trip.

Tommyboy - Illinois, USA

01 Oct 2011

Finding the Deep, Heavy Rings!

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - 14K Gold Ring - USA

I am new to Minelab but no stranger to metal detecting, having used other brands for more than 10 years. Earlier this year I decided to try beach detecting due to the high cost of gold and invested in a Minelab Excalibur II.

At first I found it frustrating to use, having no display telling me what I was finding and at what depth. Gradually, as time went on and with the help of more experienced Minelab users, I began to understand the different tones and sounds of the Excalibur II. At the same time, I began digging better quality targets more often.

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17 Sep 2011

Two Scoops Down

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - 14K Diamond Rings - USA

The Excalibur II continues to impress me. I was working a sanded in beach for a few hours and scooped up a nice 14k ring with three real diamonds, I also found a silver ring my daughter claimed right away. The best part is that this beach is hit hard by other detectors and the Excalibur II found these easily at 2 large scoops down.

Marty - Maine, USA

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16 Sep 2011

What are the Chances?

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Coins and Bracelet - USA

Today was my 3rd day hunting with my new Excalibur II and oh boy what an exciting day..

I was tired of the clad that I was finding the past week and really needed an old coin to boost my morale.. Well this may have been my most exciting find ever... I only found a total of 12 coins in my entire hunt today, but two of them were 1800's 20 Franc Gold Pieces and another was my 1st wheat penny since returning to the hobby.. I also found a junk bracelet that I got excited about until I really got home to examine it..

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13 Sep 2011

Two Platinum Rings in Two Days

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Platinum Rings - USA

I have been a casual detectorist for about 10 years now, and just purchased a Minelab Excalibur II. This was the best decision I have made in a long time! I took a trip to the east coast last week, and searched at low tide 2 days for several hours. I was amazed at the debth the detector could reach, I found many targets around 16 inches or below.

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17 Aug 2011

A Years Worth of Persuasion Pays Off

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - 14K White Gold Diamond Ring - USA

It took me a year to talk my wife in to letting me get the Excalibur II after buying the E-TRAC last summer. I told her I would find gold and silver rings and pay for it in no time. Well I bought my Excalibur II in July 2011 and one week later I found this nice diamond ring with 14k white gold. I found it about 2 minutes after entering the water at a local beach. Appraisal is $3425.00.

I've found several other gold rings and many silver rings in the past month and a half. What a great machine!!

Kenyon O'Hara - Iowa, USA

14 Aug 2011

Quite Impressive

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - 1917 Standing Liberty Type I Quarter - USA

I have had the Excalibur II since the end of June. I have found that it extends my metal detecting into a new niche were few detectorists venture. To date I have found 1 gold earing, three silver rings, and yesterday a 1917 Standing Liberty Type I Quarter. Quite Impressive. I found the machine easy to use and I quickly trained my ears to the tones.

Bernard A. Kravitz - Massachusetts, USA

28 Jul 2011

The Pirates Shipwreck and the Silver Cobs - UPDATES!

Excalibur II

metal detector find - shipwreck artifacts - peru

July 28, 2011: We are still finding objects about the shipwreck new photos about some arctifacts.

July 29, 2011: The heart ones and a mint one! Are the last I recovered in the same place.

Carlos Canle - Lima, Peru

Click here to read the orignal story.

27 Jul 2011

The Pirates Shipwreck and the Silver Cobs!

Excalibur II

metal detector find - 140 potosi cobs - peru

Winner of Find of the Month - July 2011

We had a callphone about one of our team who was fishing on the beach and walking back home found a rare 8 escudos gold coin 1751, the very known as PELUCONA FERDIN VI so we preapred our detectors and I went to our Minelab PERU store to buy ASAP an Excalibur II... So just came the day and we started the trip.

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07 Jun 2011

Better to Give Than Receive

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - 14Ct Charm

This past Memorial weekend I was up in Northern Michigan at my buddys cabin and he took me to a little beach around 7 miles away to do some water hunting with my Excailbur II. This is a man made lake and I quickly learned it wasn't going to be easy to hunt because of the clay bottom. Bringing up every scoop was a workout in itself, and then trying to get it to sift was another. The water was still only around 65 degrees so I was wearing my waders.

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06 May 2011

Caribbean Beach Turns Up Best Finds Yet

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - 18K Gold And Diamond Ring

My work involves playing music on a cruise ship. I have been to over 70 ports in over 30 countries. My detectors come along with me on my gigs which are usually 4 months long.

One of my best finds is this 18K gold ring with over 50 small diamonds and a 1 carat diamond on top. It was found on a private beach in the Caribbean. The ring was appraised at $12,700 (my most valuable find to date). The owners of the ring could not be located. What a great hobby!!!

Ron L - British Columbia, Canada

20 Sep 2010

Quick Work with the Excalibur II

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Platinum & Gold Rings

Purchased a Minelab Excalibur II on July 17th 2010.

I have been out seven times with it for a total of about 20 hours and have found over 400 coins, including two Buffalos and a 1956 Rosy. My first platinum ring and these gold rings.

D. Turner – Spokane, USA

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19 Jul 2010

Excalibur II... Never Ceases to Amaze

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Diamond Rings & 18 Carat Gold Belcher

Because I hadn’t been out detecting for a few weeks I headed for our local beach. After 45 minutes detecting I got a strong signal on my Excalibur II. To my amazement I had found a really nice diamond ring! At the end of the night I had three diamond rings and a very large 18ct gold belcher chain and around £18 in change. 

Stuart – West Yorkshire, UK

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24 Jun 2010

The Only Water Machine

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Platinum Wedding Set

A few months ago I had to send my Excalibur II in for warranty work, and it about broke my heart. Then I find out it was in the mist of the Minelab move and it would take longer than I expected to get it back. I broke down and purchased another Excalibur II so I wouldn't loose any precious hunting time even though I own another brand water machine, I just can't go without the Excalibur II.

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07 Jun 2010

A Good Start to a Great Year

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Coins & Rings

Dear Minelab,

I recently purchased an Excalibur II and wanted to share with you a couple of my first finds with it. This is my third water machine and by far the best. I have only had the Excalibur II for a few weeks and have had some incredible luck. I got down to the beach after the holiday weekend and got not one but two 14k rings. The depth of this machine truly amazes me, I really like the fact that the Excalibur II ignores iron but will sound off on the good stuff right next to it. I think its going to be a great year!

Marty – ME, USA

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07 Jun 2010

Gold Magnets

Excalibur II & Sovereign GT

Metal Detector Finds - Gold & Platinum Rings

All rings are gold or platinum found at the beach this winter using my Excalibur II or Sovereign GT. Both detectors have been gold magnets for me.

P. Walla – CA, USA

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10 Mar 2010

What a Day!

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Gold & Silver Rings

Had a few hours before I had to pick up my granddaughter from school, made it to the beach around low tide and what a day. One 14ct gold band with emerald cut diamond, very nice with a total weight of 9 gr, one interesting gold ring with dolphin and two small stones, ring is stamped 14ct Italy and five old silver rings.

P. Walla – CA, USA

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31 Dec 2009

In Minelab I Trust

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Coins & Jewellery

I would like to thank Minelab for building a great metal detector. I have used White's for many years and your Excalibur II has surpassed all my expectations. It has great sensitivity and penetration enabling me to find what other detectors miss.

The attached photos are of my recent findings from three hunts on our local beaches. I have found my most successful hunts to be after a storm when the high tide brings these treasures onto the beaches. I went directly behind other hunters using other detectors and have found what they passed over.

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27 Sep 2009

Metal Detecting Pays Off at US$36,000/Hr

Excalibur II

Metal Detectorist

On the last day of my recent Caribbean water-detecting trip, I had a couple of nice finds. I used my trusty Minelab Excalibur II with a 10" Coil the entire trip. The Caribbean water was so warm I could hunt all day without my wet suit. I was only hunting maybe 15 minutes into my final day when I hit my first find of that day. I found a chunky 14ct yellow and white gold “Rolex Ring” in the mild surf. It weighed in at 1/3 of an ounce and had 17 diamond accent stones in circle in the middle. It is called a Rolex Ring because it resembles a Rolex Watch. At size 12 it was also perfect for me to wear as a pinky ring.

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19 Jun 2009

The Excalibur II Has Me Hooked!

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Rings & Coin

I bought my Excalibur II in February 2009. This is my first water machine and my first year water hunting, so yes I am a rookie at it, but I am hooked. 

I went to the beach with my wife and kids today and right away I started digging coins right off the bat with the Excalibur II. After scooping up a dollar or so I moved to deeper water. I got a nice tone and dug it. It was my first gold ring, I was pumped and I called my wife over to show it to her, she was pumped too. I asked her to hold on to it. 

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25 Apr 2009

Excalibur II Pays for Itself!

Excalibur II

Metal Detector Finds - Jewellery

Just a quick update on the new Excalibur II which I purchased on 3 April 2009. In short, the upgrade has been paid for in 3 weeks from the date I received the detector. 

I have found 12 gold rings with the Excalibur II. The total weight found is 41 grams of 9kt and 20 grams of 18kt. With the current scrap gold price at ZAR 95 per gram of 9kt, that comes to ZAR 7,695. The upgrade from the Excalibur to the Excalibur II cost ZAR 5,700 so already I have made a profit of ZAR 2,000 just on the gold found!! 

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