Extreme TREASURE performance

Excalibur II


ProductExcalibur II
ApplicationCoin, Relic, Jewellery, Beach & Dive (waterproof 200ft)
Frequency/TransmissionMultiple frequencies: 1.5, 3, 4.5,...25.5kHz)
Coil (standard)10" round Double-D hardwired coil.
Audio OutputHeadphones (hardwired).
Headphones SuppliedKoss 8 ohm headphones (hardwired).
Visual Display-
USB Connectivity-
Depth Indication-
Detect ModesDiscriminate or All-Metal (Pinpoint).
DiscriminationVariable Discrimination (adjustable turn control) & All Metal (Pinpoint).
Audio tone-
Audio Type-
Ground BalanceAutomatic ground rejection.
Ground Balance Type-
Trash Density-
PinpointPinpoint mode.
Sensitivity AdjustAuto & manual (adjustable turn control).
Tune / Noise Cancel-
ThresholdAdjustable turn contol.
Target Volume AdjustAdjustable turn control.
BatteryNiMH battery pack 13V 1000 mAh (14-19 hours). Supplied with mains charger, alkaline battery optional accessory.
Low battery alertAudio alert.
LengthStandard shaft 1140mm - 1220mm (45" - 48"); Dive shaft 820mm - 910mm (32" - 36").
Weight10" coil 2.3kg (5.1lbs) (inc NiMH battery).
Warranty1 year control box & coil.

This table only provides a guide and regional variance may occur in relation to the standard items included with a detector. Please contact your regional office for confirmation of these details and product's availability.

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