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Driven by high demand for Minelab’s genuine products, there is currently a strong global black market in unauthorised copies of popular Minelab products.

Counterfeit consumer brochure

As part of the GENUINE MINELAB; GENUINE PERFORMANCE; STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, we are working to keep you informed to ensure you avoid fake Minelab products. This Campaign aims to protect the interests of you, our valued customers, as well as the authenticity and quality of Minelab’s products and brand.

What we are doing?

Small security label

Available on Eureka
Gold, X-TERRA 705
Gold Pack and
Commander coils.

Large security label

Available on GPX-4500, GPX 4800 and
GPX 5000


Minelab has introduced new security labels designed for usage on control boxes and coils.

First phase implementation focussed on the GPX-4500, GPX 4800 and GPX 5000. In addition, the security label has been added to the product carton of all GPX Series detectors.

With this label, products can be easily verified as genuine. For your peace of mind, your nearest Minelab authorised dealer will easily be able to confirm authenticity by inspecting the security label through the special viewer. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

GPX Series detectors can also be verified as genuine Minelab using our SMS verification system. For more details click here.

New security labels have also been added to the Eureka Gold, X-TERRA 705 Gold and Commander Coils. These are smaller in size and are designed to assist you in recognising genuine Minelab product. Your Authorised Minelab Dealer can reveal the hidden colour image and confirm that you have Genuine Minelab Performance.

Counterfeit animation

As part of our awareness campaign, we have provided the answers to some commonly asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a counterfeit product?

Criminal counterfeiters have developed fake Minelab products. These are being sold to unsuspecting customers who believe they are buying genuine Minelab products. In some cases, these counterfeit products may cosmetically look like the real thing, but they definitely do not work like the real thing. These counterfeit copies perform poorly and will not last. BUYER BEWARE!! Minelab cannot be held responsible for counterfeit Minelab products!

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How are copies made?

Counterfeit copies are often made in China. They can vary in appearance and quality. In some cases, criminal counterfeiters take a cheap detector and brand it with a Minelab product name. These are easily identifiable as poor copies to people familiar with Minelab product. Recent counterfeits are more difficult to identify as cosmetically they look very similar to genuine Minelab products - these are most likely to mislead our customers.

BUYER BEWARE: Genuine Minelab metal detectors are only made by Minelab in Australia and by Plexus Corp, USA in their Malaysian facility. That’s it, nowhere else!

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What is wrong with counterfeit product?

It CANNOT deliver the high performance of genuine Minelab product. People waste precious time and money with inferior product, missing valuable targets.

It CANNOT provide the durability and reliability of genuine Minelab product. People realise they are victims when they experience failures of counterfeit product in the field.

It DOES NOT contain approved and tested high performance Minelab precision componentry and software.

It DOES NOT have ANY level of Warranty or Service Repair support.

The added value and reassurance you gain from purchasing a genuine Minelab product includes the Minelab product warranty along with ongoing support in getting the best performance from your detector. You can read more about the support Minelab offers in our Customer Care Charter.

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Where can I Buy Genuine Minelab product?

The only way to guarantee you are purchasing a genuine high quality Minelab product is to buy from an authorised Minelab dealer. To find an authorised dealer in your part of the world visit the Where to Buy page.

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Is there a list of known counterfeit manufacturers or suppliers?

Click here for a list of the counterfeit manufacturers and suppliers reported to Minelab as supplying black market product at this time. Whilst this list is updated regularly, it does not include all active counterfeit manufacturers and suppliers but those that we are aware of at this time.

Minelab strongly advises that you do not deal with any of the following companies listed here.

Remember to only deal with authorised Minelab dealers or distributors. If you have any doubts about a business selling our products, please contact us so we can inform you of their authorisation.


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How can I report a counterfeit supplier?

Please contact us providing the details of the counterfeit supplier. As part of our GENUINE MINELAB; GENUINE PERFORMANCE; STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, we can report the supplier to local authorities and include their details on our Black Market Suppliers list. Minelab cannot be held responsible for counterfeit Minelab products

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