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2 gold Class Rings

CTX 3030

March 16, 2017 09:32am

It had just rained and the weather was getting cold. I was detecting a drained lake for an hour before I got a faint broken signal. I decided to dig a scoop of dirt and check signal again. The signal  ...
Posted on March 16, 2017 09:32am | 0 Comments

Digging Big Silver

CTX 3030

March 10, 2017 09:35am

While hunting deep in the pinelands of NJ, Bob Brown and myself used our CTX 3030s. My first signal was 12-44 and out popped a beautiful silver half dollar 1838. Our next two finds were a 1783 Reale and another 1783 Reale. To  ...
Posted on March 10, 2017 09:35am | 0 Comments



March 10, 2017 09:05am

I thought this might be an interesting little testimonial due to the fact I am some 4000 miles away on the other side of the Atlantic but we still share the same passion and excitement about our finds. My story takes  ...
Posted on March 10, 2017 09:05am | 0 Comments

1807 Draped Bust Quarter

CTX 3030

March 06, 2017 12:03pm

I went out to a woods location. There was a few homes there in the early 1800's. I got a 12:46 on my CTX. I dug the target and popped out the plug. It was a 1807 draped bust quarter. It is  ...
Posted on March 06, 2017 12:03pm | 0 Comments

First swing of 2017


March 04, 2017 11:17am

Got out swinging for first time of 2017 on 19th of February. Typically there is still snow and frozen ground here in Iowa during that time of the year. Temp was in the 60's and could dig relatively far down as  ...
Posted on March 04, 2017 11:17am | 0 Comments

A Happy Return

CTX 3030

March 02, 2017 12:36pm

I am a retired winter Texan that comes to south Texas to do beach detecting and get away from the harsh Minnesota winters. This is my first year detecting with my CTX 3030 and I have found many rings this winter.  ...
Posted on March 02, 2017 12:36pm | 0 Comments

My Big Find, Not A Quarter Pounder....But A Six Pounder

CTX 3030

March 02, 2017 11:31am

Have been searching with my Minelab CTX 3030 for the last two years, but have been detecting for 10 years. With my fairly new machine, I have been searching along the Fundy Coast. In February it is a little cool, but now  ...
Posted on March 02, 2017 11:31am | 0 Comments

GO-FIND 20 - Australian Military Forces Button


March 02, 2017 02:47am

I brought my partner a GO-FIND 20 for christmas and a hour later we headed out to a old gold mining town in hopes of finding gold. We pulled up down a bush track and headed deep into the bush detecting,  ...
Posted on March 02, 2017 02:47am | 0 Comments

An unusual button

CTX 3030

February 28, 2017 10:52am

Detecting in Wyoming has its challenges from mineralized ground to excessive iron. Using a 6-inch head and the stock relic program, this was pulled from the iron about 8 inches deep. U.S.M.A. Cadet button with a Scovill mg  ...
Posted on February 28, 2017 10:52am | 0 Comments

"Fire and Ice"

CTX 3030

February 28, 2017 09:33am

Ruby ring #1.jpg
I had spent the weekend celebrating a close friend’s Golden Wedding Anniversary in Sydney and so I didn’t pick up on a message sent to me from Vicky for two days. Apparently, her friend Nadia, had  ...
Posted on February 28, 2017 09:33am | 0 Comments
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