GPX Timings

Minelab’s Chief Scientist, Bruce Candy has created an expanded range of Timings to further enhance MPS technology for different ground mineralisation levels, target sizes and target depths. Here are two ways to understand how to select the best Timing for different detecting conditions.

1. Timing Icons

Each icon uses colour and pictures to show the best ground conditions, depth and target size for each Timing.

  1. Ground conditions - there are nine colours indicating which Timings are good for different soil conditions.
  2. Depth layers – there are three depth layers indicating which Timings are good for shallow, medium or deep gold.
  3. Target size – there are four target sizes indicating which Timings are good for large, medium, small and fine gold.
  4. Target type - there are two types: gold nuggets and coin targets. Although coin targets are only shown in the Coin/Relic Timing, coins and relics can also be detected in all other Timings.
GPX Timing icons explained


GPX Timings - Ground Conditions
GPX Timings - Coin / Relic GPX Timings - Sharp GPX Timings - Sensitive Extra GPX Timings - Salt Coarse GPX Timings - Normal GPX Timings - Salt Gold GPX Timings - Fine Gold GPX Timings - Enhance GPX Timings - Sensitive Smooth
Gives significantly greater depth on medium to large targets in areas with zero to very mild ground mineralisation. Finds good variety of target sizes in mildly mineralised ground. Similar but more powerful than Normal. It is capable of an improvement in depth, but is also more susceptible to interference and ground noise. Provides the best signal response on small gold in mild to medium ground mineralisation. (GPX 4800 only)
Finds large nuggets in salt affected and mineralised ground.
Gives great performance on a wide range of soil conditions and target sizes. It is a good default timing to assess a new area. (GPX 5000 only)
Provides the best signal response on small to large gold in salt saturated and mineralised ground conditions. It will operate very well on salt lakes and beaches.
(GPX 5000 only)
Finds sub-gram gold nuggets that Enhance cannot. It is more sensitive and detects deeper than Enhance.
Runs quietly in most heavily mineralised, variable and ‘hot rock’ infested grounds even when using a Monoloop coil. It is more sensitive and detects deeper than Sensitive Smooth but can be slightly more affected by severe ground mineralisation. (GPX 5000 only)
Optimised for the most severe, heavily mineralised, variable and ‘hot rock’ infested grounds, even when using a Monoloop coil.

Please note:

  • These descriptions are a general indication only.
  • Each setting also has variable suitability for Double-D or Monoloop coils.
  • The recommended default Timing for new areas or new gold mining prospectors is ‘Normal’.

For specific information and training on each Timing, contact your nearest Authorised Minelab Dealer or Distributor.


2. Timings Graph

The Timings Graph illustrates how to select the most appropriate Timing for minimal noise and maximum detection depth based on ground mineralisation levels. This is a generalised representation using a simplified graph. Results will vary with target size, type of ground mineralisation, coil size and configuration.

Timings Graph

This Timings Graph illustrates GPX 5000 settings only.


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