Eureka Gold

To further enhance the performance of your Minelab detector, an extensive range of accessories are available. These accessories are designed to add to your detectors versatility when you need to adapt to various detecting environments.

Genuine Minelab accessories ranging from cables to coils are designed to deliver optimum performance and as a result are supplied with a global Minelab warranty (terms and conditions apply).

A selection of Minelab accessory coils has also been designed to help you find more gold across a range of environments and ground conditions. Whether you are looking for deep gold in flat open ground, or searching in constricted spaces, there is an accessory coil that will optimise your detectors performance.

Find more gold of all sizes and depths with specialist accessory coils
Replacement skidplates to keep your coils in top shape
Bags & Covers
Protective covers, and carry bags for convenient detector storage and transportation


8-inch Goldsearch Double-D Coil

Fits Eureka Gold. This water resistant Double-D coil is very sensitive to small gold nuggets and easy to manoeuver in difficult terrain.

Part No. 3011-0224

10 x 5-inch Goldsearch Double-D Coil

Fits Eureka Gold. This water resistant Double-D coil is very sensitive to small gold nuggets and achieves good depth and ground coverage in most terrain.

Part No. 3011-0220

11-inch Goldsearch Double-D Coil

Fits Eureka Gold. The 11-inch Double-D has a great blend of stability, depth and sensitivity and is very stable in all ground types.

Part No. 3011-0225


8-inch Skidplate

Fits 8-inch round coils for Eureka Gold and Commander coils.

Part No. 3011-0228

10 x 5-inch Elliptical Skidplate, Black

Fits 10 x 5-inch Goldseatch Double-D Coil.

Part No. 3011-0231

11-inch Skidplate

Fits 11-inch Monoloop and Double-D Commander and Goldsearch Coils.

Part No. 3011-0164

Batteries & Chargers

Eureka Gold Rechargeable NiMH Battery

Rechargeable NiMH battery for Eureka Gold.

Part No. 3011-0215

Eureka Gold Battery Holder

Holds replaceable AA cells. Batteries are not included.

Part No. 3011-0171

Car Charger, NiMH

Fits Eureka Gold, E-TRAC, and Safari.

Part No. 3011-0211

Charger, NiMH

Fits Eureka Gold, E-TRAC, and Safari.

Part No. 3011-0234 (Australia)

Part No. 3011-0161 (EU)

Part No. 3011-0162 (UK)

Shafts & Shaft Hardware

Upper Shaft Classic S-Type

Fits Eureka Gold

Part No. 3011-0208

Lower Shaft, Classic

Suits GPX Series and Eureka Gold detectors.

Part No. 3011-0172

Handgrip Wear Kit

Fits GPX Series, Eureka Gold, and Excalibur II detectors.

Part No. 3011-0142

Armrest Kit

Fits GPX Series and Eureka Gold detectors.

Part No. 3011-0143

Armrest Wear Kit

Fits GPX Series and Eureka Gold detectors.

Part No. 3011-0144

Coil Wear Kit

Compatible with Excalibur II, Eureka Gold and GPX Series Detectors

Part No. 3011-0141

Bracket & Stand Kit

Fits Eureka Gold

Part No. 3011-0146

Audio Accessories

Koss Headphones

Part No. 3011-0214

RPG Headphones

Part No. 3011-0181

Bags & Covers

Detector Carry Bag

Fits all Minelab Detectors

Part No. 3011-0277